Embodying the Cosmic Metals - Series

Iron, Copper, Platinum, Silver & Gold

Each of these metals contribute to your personal physical and energetic makeup. As we continue on the path of evolution, our Divine Vehicles are being asked to expand, grow, and operate at entirely new levels of Light.

Your body contains levels of iron, copper, platinum, silver and gold. These metals are common throughout the cosmos and exist inside of every human being.

The energetic frequency of these metals play a vital role in our health and ability to move into expanded levels of consciousness. This series will upgrade the way in which the positive aspects of these metals interface with your physical and energetic bodies, thus elevating your personal experience as a human/cosmic Being of Light.

As you increase your ability to hold, integrate and utilize the spiritual and physical properties of the metals, your natural ability to sustain higher levels of consciousness will expand.

Releasing the lower manifestations of the energetic properties of the metals will open up pathways and neural conduits within your body chemistry to enhance your absorption of the positive and healing nature of the metals.

Throughout our lives and lineages we have depleted the energetic force of these metals as they relate to our evolution and health in a variety of ways.

In addition, to hold the higher frequencies of Light within your own fields and matrix, bringing in the alleviated level of these metals into your systems will align you beyond what has been possible before.

As the cosmos and our solar system evolves, so does the need for our systems to adapt, upshift and evolve to hold the consciousness that is being offered for humanity.

Many spiritual-seekers want to leave the human experience behind and return to a state of bliss and enlightenment. They forget that we came in as a soul group to shift the human experience into one of happiness, joy and peace, rather than the pain and suffering that has been the experience for so long on this planet.

Awakening is not about “getting out of here,” but having the best possible human experience and contributing to the awakening of others.

This series brings in for the first time a Purer Cosmic and energetic expression of the 5 metal frequencies of Iron, Copper, Platinum, Silver and Gold and makes them accessible to you for your evolution.