Live Energy Activations

Keep Your Energetic Systems & Matrix at the Highest Performance Levels

Each month Raquel offers 2 Live Energy Activations designed to help you embody and integrate the latest light codes & frequencies available so you can connect with your higher self and remove the blocks stopping you from what you’re here to do.

Spiritual awakening and transformation is a process of evolution. Life is not static. If you want to keep your connection clear and clean, regular maintenance and upgrades are necessary.

Just like your computer system... removing the viruses, installing the latests software and upgrading is key to smooth operation. Keeping your energetic systems and matrix up to date provides the foundation for continued growth and clearer pathways for obtaining your own guidance.

This is High Frequency Multidimensional Energy Upgrades to keep you connected to Your Higher Self!

March Activation Dates

Sunday, March 3
3.3.3 Gateway
10:00 AM Pacific

90 Minutes - $45

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Wed, March 20
5:00 PM Pacific

90 Minutes - $45

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March 2019
Get Both and Save!

Get Both - $75
90 Minute Activations


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