Guiding You Through The Spiritual BS And Beyond, So You Can Get On With What You’re Here To Do!

Raquel is a catalyst for Becoming

Your Quantum Self


She specializes in activating the dormant mind/body pathways and multidimensional cellular codes of Light which assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereign Essence and Quantum Self.

Recognized by Shamans, High Priest/Priestess and Lamas alike, Raquel has traveled the world following her guidance to facilitate the awakening of humanity out of the binary / duality matrix of separation.

Raquel's work accelerates your Multidimensional Awakening bringing you to the cutting edge of consciousness and the ascension.


Light Emisaries, Starseeds & Those Seeking a Higher Truth… Where Personal Ascension & Global Awakening Unite


You Are Multi-Dimensional/ Quantum Being Here To Anchor A New Paradigm of Unity Consciousness

 Most people become disconnected from their soul’s desire after following a lifetime of should haves.

They seek happiness, clarity and connection, but often fail to get the results they’re seeking.

Why?  Because there is a vital piece missing...

Your body is the KEY to the Ascension Process!

Raquel brings through advanced energetic activations which empower YOU to Live a more Spiritually Connected Life, bringing you to the Cutting Edge of Consciousness.

Catalyst for


Accessing Quantum skills and energy from her cosmic / multi-verse expressions, she unlocks your Human Super Computer to embody the highest level of Your Quantum Self and wisdom.

Simply stated, Raquel's work prepares and upgrades your physical and energetic bodies, i.e. your Organic Templates of Light, to accelerate your Awakening and Expand Your Consciousness.  

Enlightenment is always an

Inside Job!


It’s both a physical and spiritual process which merges your cellular body and spiritual Light, expanding your perceptions and consciousness.

– Raquel Spencer

It's Time to Align with Your

Authentic Gifts, Truth & Purpose

I'm Here to Assist You!

Twice a month, Raquel brings through the latest Lightbody Codes,Upgrades and technologies to connect to Original Source Energy. Each transmission assists with Embodying and activating your Angelic-Human Christos-Sophia templates of consciousness.  See Live Events in the menu to find out when the next activation is.  


Are You Ready To Fast Track

Your Awakening?


Experience a FREE Multidimensional Energy Activation

Some of the Benefits of

Working With Raquel:

  • Get out of your own way and tap into Universal Flow
  • Trust yourself & the Cosmos more deeply
  • Open up and utilize your own unique gifts


As you embody higher frequencies of Light you unlock your multidimensional memories and access your higher wisdom.

This brings you into Divine Flow where synchronicities, unlimited potentials and creativity thrives.

This is "the field" and level of awareness where you really start consciously creating your reality!

What Clients

Are Saying...


I live for these sessions!

"Ive been coming every month for years and they’re my regular energy tune-ups. If you live in today’s world, you need to clear your energy fields on a regular basis. Raquel is the spiritual mechanic I wish I met 10 years ago."

Maria, M. USA

Oh my goodness, Raquel, I have been honored to work with you.

"But have NEVER felt the intensity of any work as I did today! I am blessed by your

gift to us. Thank you!"

Katherine N., USA


Energy Update

We live in extraordinary times.


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