Advanced Series


For Personal Transformation

Each series below is a unique group of activation designed to help you expand your connection and understanding of being multidimensional. Each module is designed to build upon the next.

It is HIGHLY advisable to do them in sequence to receive the maximum benefit.  Click on the banner for the details.



Raquel is an Internationally Acclaimed Mind/Body/Spirit Energy Specialist and is Considered one of the ‘Next Generations Transformational Leaders.’  Her energetic processes work to help you clear the energetic patterns which inhibit making real positive changes in your life.

Raquel’s work is described as “unique” in the transformation world.  She works on the inner supercomputer that is your energetic interface. Put in simple terms, your body is the hardware and your consciousness and higher streams of awareness are the software. When your hardware is up-to-speed and functioning as intended, your consciousness and your innate gifts are easier to recognize, tap into and utilize to improve your life.

She states “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical supercomputer of Light.  The omnipresence of your multidimensional self is always present. However, if your Divine vehicle or supercomputer is not functioning at an appropriate level, your ability to communicate, connect and integrate that level of your consciousness is compromised.”

Her unique approach and skills have assisted thousands around the world to live a more empowered, spiritually connected and joyful life.

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