Becoming Truly Present

2 Week Quantum Immersion of Light - Series

Presence... Being Truly Present

What is Presence?  The official definition is:  It's the state of being closely focused on the here and now, not distracted by irrelevant thoughts.

Being fully present in the NOW moment is part of becoming quantum and moving into higher states of consciousness.

As we continue to evolve and return to our natural multidimensional state, our ability to stay in the present moment provides the opportunity to create our experience.  If you are distracted by your thoughts or in your head thinking about the past or future, being present in the NOW is really challenging.

Being fully present is a key aspect of Unity Consciousness and living in higher states of awareness.   It empowers us to operate more consistently from the High Heart, connecting us to our own Higher Intelligence, Love, and Source energy.

As we navigate the ever-changing world we live in, the ability to BE PRESENT, living in the present moment is priceless.

Do You Find Yourself...

  • Daydreaming or spaced out often? 
  • Thinking of your response while someone else is still speaking?
  • Judging others' comments, attire, actions, situation?
  • Thinking or worried about the future?
  • Being hard on yourself or over-critical of your past choices?
  • Unable to enjoy the moment because your thoughts are elsewhere?
  • Being triggered by family, colleagues, friends or loved ones from past traumas?
  • Always thinking about, or reliving, the past, especially unpleasant experiences or memories? 

If Yes, It's Time To "Stop It!"

This is a reference to a very funny but poignant video featuring Bob Newhart...   

Templates for Becoming Present

It's more than a desire or intention, it's a way of Being...
The ability to live from your High Heart with compassion, remain a detached observer and maintain neutrality about your experiences and the outcome are key elements to achieving presence.


For Yourself and Others


Witnessing from Higher Self


Staying Out of Judgement


Be Unwavering and Sovereign In the Ever Present Now!

Being present is harder than it sounds.  That is because we have been programmed and conditioned to be constantly reliving the past or thinking of the future.  This is your ego doing what it does best... keeping you in your head and out of your heart.  It's all about survival and keeping the status quo.  However...

Being present is KEY to creating from the Quantum Fields of Conscious Light.  As we continue to remember how to be Conscious Creators (not unconscious ones) living in the present moment allows us to have access to all of creation.  Yes, still a foreign concept for many, but the truth nonetheless.

Unfortunately, we are not yet able (like the character Trinity in one of my favorite movies The Matrix? to just have a program or instruction set downloaded so that we can constantly stay in the NOW moment (or as in the movie be able to fly a helicopter, but you get my drift.)  It's a process.  One that we are all working towards.

But seriously, the more we are in the present, the more conscious our thoughts and decisions become.  We are always creating.  Let me state that again, we are ALWAYS creating.  The problem often is that we are stuck in the past or the future, and not really present on a consistent basis to consciously create our lives.

As the old distorted binary system continues to collapse, it is important to develop the skills, patterns, and behaviors to really live in the present now.  This series will provide energetic support to untangle further from linear time and start truly living in the now moment.

The ascension is a process of unraveling old patterns, clearing distortions, healing past traumas, preparing our body for new templates of Light, integrating higher encodements, and embodying the energy... which all brings us into new levels of consciousness behavior.  Whew...

This is why we continue to focus on all facets of the ascension process.

Embodying the Key Codes of Presence doesn't mean we will not have our memories or be able to plan (within reason)...

It is about:

  • Becoming even more emotionally balanced and centered
  • Being unwavering in your emotional and mental clarity connection
  • Getting out of the time/mind loops that keep you out of the NOW MOMENT
  • Releasing the patterns keeping you from being conscious of your thoughts
  • Clearing the habits of reliving past events or imagining fearful futures (the ego loves this!)
  • Being truly aware of your thoughts and what you're creating and magnetizing
  • Open the space for MAGIC to happen in our lives (hard to do if we are not in the NOW MOMENT)


It's time to unravel more of the ego and Embody Key Codes of Presence to assist with living in a higher state of consciousness.


Are you ready to experience a new level of Presence?


The timing is perfect....

to step into the ever present NOW!

Quantum Container of Support


2 Weeks of Quantum Energetic Support

Each week will focus on new KEY Codes of Presence providing the support to fully anchor the codes into your waking reality.

There are many layers that are unraveling, clearing, and healing during this series, which will help you to embody the frequency, codes, and attributes into your life.  As we continue to clear the distortions throughout the multiverse, new levels of upgrades and embodiment become available.

This quantum container will provide the energetic support and space to:

  • Release distorted programs (personal and collective) around living in the past or future, keeping you locked into the lower ego
  • Unravel from the lower ego programs around linear time, including distorted timelines, false time constructs, distorted personal clock shields, and more
  • Clear, repair, and heal the DNA from ancestral lineages, Artificial Intelligence mind control programs, false White Light constructs, and more
  • Embody the frequency, attributes, and key codes for Presence, anchoring you further into the new Unity Consciousness Triwave magnetics


And to keep the ego at bay for maximum benefit, most of the energy work...

While You Sleep!

How this series works

Each WEEK you will receive...

Two MP3 Activation

A New Focus Each Week to Listen As Often As You Desire

Nightly Energy Work

To Support Your Transformation

Supportive Emails

Insights, Journal Suggestions, Videos and more


Helping You To Be Unwavering and Sovereign In the Ever Present Now!


The specific details...

  • 2 MP3 Activations, 1st -Monday the 2nd -Thursday -  all approximately 20 minutes each, keeping your time commitment to a minimum (listen once or daily, it's your choice)
  • Emails with suggestions, updates, insights, etc. to help you keep present with this deep energetic work and integrate with ease
  • The GENTLE but POWERFUL energy work while you sleep - maximizing your ability to embody the shifts deeply and without the ego interfering


Non-Member Pricing

  • 14 Days of Quantum Energetic Support
  • Ease of integration with work happening during your dreamtime
  • Support to shift into Presence

Light Portal Members - Star Level

  • 14 Days of Quantum Energetic Support
  • Ease of integration with work happening during your dreamtime
  • Support to shift into Presence

I'm A Specialist

I work at the physical and quantum levels of your body to accelerate the process of awakening and BECOMING fully consciousness.  I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.  It's time to anchor in the Next Level of Physical Transformation necessary to Anchor the New Reality.

Each Individual MUST transform their physical and energetic bodies to become a Multidimensional Human Being.

My work facilitates a rapid awakening/evolution of the human body and does so with as much ease and grace as possible.



What Clients

Are Saying...

The Most Powerful Series You've Brought Throught To Date!

You constantly deliver the highest level upgrades and activations, and the LightBody 3.0 series is truly exceptional.  The clarity, connection, expansion I feel is real and tangible in every part of my life.

Thank you for all you do.

Karen S., USA

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!  I felt like I was in a funk for the first 8 months in 2019 while going through clearings.  Your Lightbody 3.0 took me out of that reality into a whole better reality.  I truly felt the upgrade and got my truth bumps back as well as tingles from my crown chakra. I'm having some moments and days where I do feel hopeful, happy or joy as oppose to not feelings these positive emotions for most of 2019.

Susie T., USA

Your Wisdom and Integrity Are Unmatched

Each level of your work continues to bring in new and powerful upgrades.  I'm so grateful I have found you to assist me with all that is going on.  It seems like a crazy and wild ride, but your work grounds this so called ascension process and makes it so much easier to handle.  My gifts have continued to evolve and my awareness of who I am and what I'm here to do increases every time I do your work.  Thank you for doing what you do so masterfully.

Mary T., USA

I feel more centered, grounded and connected to Source every day! Life Just Flows!

"Words can not express the shifts and changes I've experienced since I started doing your work on a consistant basis.  Each  new activation or series continues to be better the the last.  Thank you for facilitating such a high level of Integrity, Light and Love."

Linda C., USA

Thank you for seeing me! The love you bring engulfs and sets me free!

"I want to share with you an experience I had... I was in process, dropping down to my heart ~  when a vision came. You and I were facing each other, arms intertwined twirling around floating in space. I was looking into your blue luminous eyes which were communicating trust and surrender. I knew you were asking me to drown with you in the water beneath us. Without hesitation, feeling completely safe with you, I took some gasping breaths and down we went. I could breathe underwater! We danced round and round in joy, in the light of love."

Adair P., USA

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