Energetic Activation Series

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Being Sacred - Embracing 5D Activation Series

This activation series is designed to help you remove unconscious energetic blocks and connect you to your Higher Self and a whole new level.

With over 6 hours of High Frequency Energy Activation, this work with propel you into a new version of yourself.

Working with your Higher Self, I work directly with your energy Matrix of Light and cellular body to clear, upgrade and connect you to higher levels of Light.

Each activation is unique and works as a stand alone upgrade AND as part of your continued evolution and realization that You ARE A Multidimensional Master of Light.

You can complete the activations in the order listed below, or follow your own intuition as to which activation is appropriate now.  Each activation can be repeated until you feel you've received all that is available for you.  Many repeat the activations multiple times.

The most important thing is to be open to receiving all that is 100% aligned with your Higher Self, Happiness, Health and Well-being.

Value $322

What Clients

Are Saying...

I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear old beliefs and patterns. 

"My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing your transmissions of Light/work.

I am very grateful that I found you.  Your work brings exactly what I need for my growth, right when I need it.  I look forward to every single transmission and series and I am grateful for the amazing growth I have experienced along the way.

Thank you, you are amazing !!!!!"

Sharon R. USA

Oh my goodness, Raquel, I have been honored to work with you.

"But have NEVER felt the intensity of any work as I did today! I am blessed by your

gift to us. Thank you!"

Katherine N., USA

Thank You so much for the experience. I have noticed an abundant amount of change in my life since Beyond the Matrix.

"I have been much more positive since the event. I've had physical energy that I didn't think was possible recently.

I look forward to delving further into you Light work"

Amanda D, USA

I have felt “happier", more cheerful and inwardly a sense of joy and calm.

"Just wanting to say “thank you” for wonderful workshop,  In short, I was tired yet “elevated with the energy/experience."

Veronica T, USA



Listening to Guidance

There is always a steady stream of guidance coming into our fields. It can often go unnoticed or unheeded in the face of our daily lives.

This activation of multidimensional Light retrains our systems to more effectively receive, hear and act upon the guidance that is coming from your Higher Self and Source.

Our ability to receive and live from our own guidance activates and amplifies our abilities to manifest with more ease and grace.

Gratitude is always the greatest vessel to receive guidance. Living from a place of gratitude activates the neural pathways and circuitry in your system to strengthen the signal.

This "training" period is all about strengthening our response time to even the smallest of guidance coming through at any given moment.

Listen and follow your guidance impeccably!

Integrating Gratitude

We are opening our systems and refining the frequencies of GRATITUDE that we emanate out into the Quantum Field of Potentiality. This brings forth and allows for a deepening of connection and co-creative ability.

There is an upshift of our physical bodies with the universal vibration that we collectively call ‘Gratitude’, as we disconnect from the lower vibrations that are so present around the globe.

This upshift is actually moving into the quantum field and influencing the blueprints that you have been emanating. With this upshift, you begin to feel assured that you are sending out frequencies that are truly aligned with your higher heart’s true desire.


Embracing the Sacredness Within

This activation of multidimensional Light is bringing in the new templates and blueprints that will set the stage for the next 12 months.

You are being asked to expand to be able to experience a new level of the sacredness within your daily life.

In truth, you are a deeply sacred being and it is now time to embrace and activate this truth at a much more profound level.

It is time to embody an intimate understand of sacredness in these modern times.

Sweet Surrender

With the continuous realignment that is necessary to stay fully on your highest path, surrendering old desires, potentials and situations is never easy. There is a new understanding of alignment and essence resting just outside of our conscious awareness.

Working with the Elohim, this activation brings in new Light Codes, wisdom and information to securely move you into a new "upleveled" path of service and joy. This activation is designed to help us move closer and into that new path. In order to step into that next level of service, we must first surrender our past and allow our truth to evolve.

Supporting you from the higher dimensions to release attachments to your past, these codes of Light help to establish a strong knowing within your heart to boldly move forward on your path. We are fully supported in this new alignment so that we can help fast-track the collective awakening.


Sacred Diamond Light Initiation

The energies coming in from the Cosmos are fully supporting this deep transition of stepping into our personal Sacredness. This activation focuses on initiating your ability to embody a new level of Sacredness within.

Assistance from the Elohim, Hathor, Maya Angelou, Divine Mother, the Magdalene, and Ascended Master Walt Disney were all present during the initiation, witnessing and holding space for each of us.

This activation also brought through Diamond code Sacred Geometry. This code activates your cellular memory, while also bringing forth a clearing for your ancestral lineage to enhance the clarity of your true Divine Nature.

Light Codes for Mind/Heart Mastery

This activation provides the support to integrate New Light Codes from the 33rd Dimension which became accessible during the Eclipse Cosmic Window.

The codes trigger memory within your DNA of lifetimes on Gaia and other systems when you had full domain over your thoughts and emotions.

Accessing training from experiences in Atlantis and as a Tibetan Monk, your body structures continue to upshift and recalibrate to support mastery in this lifetime. This may instigate a deep purging of the body.

In addition, you may find yourself needing more silence and meditation as your skills of mastering your emotions and thoughts heightens.


Activate Your Energy Systems

in 6 Minutes a Day


Focus your intentions and align your energy systems with this 5-minute Daily Infusions of Light practice. This is your morning team meeting with your body consciousness.

Shift out of autopilot and give yourself the instruction you need to raise your vibration, tap into higher levels of consciousness and truly co-create your life.


I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist and Bio-Engineer of Living Conscious Form.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

I work on the Multidimensional level of reality, encoding the Matrix of this holographic experience, to reprogram and repair the distortions within this physical experience.

It's time to empower more and more Starseeds and Lightworkers to unlock their gifts and memories to enhance the acceleration of consciousness. 

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