Believe In Your Future


We made it through December 2012.  Now what?

This is a time of new beginnings.  A time to utilize and embrace all of the wisdom, knowledge and skills we have been acquiring over our lifetimes and live our truth.

Once we moved through this December 2012 threshold, the future is ours to create.  Actually, it always has been.

So much focus has been put on the December 2012 dates and what to expect that many have neglected the inner work and practices of their own evolution and advancement.

With the Shift of the Ages now behind us, it’s time to focus on co-creating our personal and collective future.

Each individual is responsible for their thoughts, their actions and their behavior.  Most of us know what to do.  There are a million self help books out there to give you tips and directions on how to improve your meditation, focus your thoughts, clear your chakras, etc.  All are tools to help you be clear and connected to your own Divine guidance.

One key factor that ALL must learn to do is live from the heart.  Do you make all of your decisions through your heart rather than through your head?  Do you move your consciousness into your heart before you make decisions?  Do you run everything through your heart to make sure it is the right thing to do or say?  Your heart will always tell you the truth.  It is your personal guidance system.  So how much time to you spending listening to your heart?

We live in a holographic universe.  Your thoughts are the program that creates your outer reality.  This is not new information.  However, how much time to you dedicate to co-creating your reality a day?  Do you spend 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 seconds or really no time at all?  Many people spend time daydreaming or fantasizing about how they would like their life to be, but never do anything to manifest it.  They feel trapped or afraid or undeserving of having their hearts desire.  I know, I was one of them for years.

You need to start thinking of yourself as your own COO.  You are the Chief Operating Officer of your life and as COO you need to make a plan, have a direction, have goals and believe you can create the end result.

There are very few people out there… well at least to the best of my knowledge… who are living their dream life who have not put in the time and effort to create it.  Yes some inherited money, some may have married into money, some landed into dream jobs because of who they know, etc.  But that is a very small number of people on the planet.  The rest co-created their lives.   What are you co-creating?

Everything begins with your thoughts.  As we have all learned, you don’t need to know the ‘how’ right now, you just need to have a vision.  Once you have an idea of what you want to co-create, a key is focusing on the feeling you will have once you are living within that creation.  Then begin to work with the energy to create it.

One of the techniques I use to co-create is to spend time every day (or at least several times a week) setting my intentions and sending those intentions out into the universe.  I ask to connect with the higher selves of everyone known and unknown who are connected to creating this result or desired outcome.

I always make sure to ask for the highest potential for EVERYONE involved to manifest with ease and grace.  I send the pulse or request out to the universe and I release it.  THEN I follow the energy.

I listen to my intuition, my gut, the little voice inside my head that tells me to turn here, stop at this store here, call this person, etc.  I follow the energy and take action.

Action and focus are important and part of co-creating your reality.  There is a Divine flow and energy that begins to manifest in your reality when you focus your energy and intend for the highest potential.  Give it a try with something little.  Something that would make you believe your focus and intention is working.  Go back and watch The Secret, make a vision board (one of my favorites)  or re-read your favorite inspirational book to help you reconnect to your vision and set your focus.

Another thing that is always very helpful is to clear your space and release the physical things in your life that are not in resonance with what you are trying to create.  One of the simplest things to do is spring cleaning early.  Clean, clear, release and rearrange your environment.  It helps to begin the shift and change in your outer world. One of my favorite books for inspiration along these lines isClear Your Clutter with Fung Shui by Karen Kingston.  Its important and doing something physical jump starts positive co-creation.

All things are possible.  Most people reading this blog have enough freedom to co-create their lives.  We live in countries that manifesting a happy and beautiful life IS possible.  We are blessed, truly blessed.  It’s our responsibility as way-showers and forerunners for the New Earth to create it.  And that begins with one person at a time.  Yes, it takes focus and effort… but your life is yours to create.  That is the first step.  Believing that your life is yours to create.

Begin 2013 with the knowledge and belief that you deserve to create the best year of your life.  The future is bright if you choose to perceive it that way.  Believe in the future – your future.

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