Creating With The Cosmos

2 Day Intensive "Playshop"

November 7-8, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

2 Day Intensive - Small Intimate Gathering


This 2 day intensive is a great opportunity to work with me, live and in person within a small group setting.


A few times a year I hold a small intimate group event in the sanctuary of my home. The intended focus for this intensive is to unlock your creative centers to co-create within Divine Flow, but it goes much deeper than that.

This intensive is a chance to really go deep and step into a new level of self awareness, understanding and Light!  Over 12 hours of in person work, along with the prep and integration work that is provided energetically, this intensive is a powerhouse of multidimensional Light.

Many people experience profound shifts in their life after this type of event with me. Please be prepared make the outer reality changes your Higher Self is directing to align you more fully with Divine Flow.

Each intensive is unique, as the work depends upon who shows up.  There is always a group project/objective or work that is specific to those who come.  It is normally humanity based and works at a global level.  It's super fun and empowering work!


Saturday, November 7 - 10am - 5pm
Sunday, November 8 - 9am - 5pm

Includes:Coffee/tea, lunch, snacks

$775 pp

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit Holds Your Space
**Refunds will be given if government travel restrictions inhibit your ability to attend**

What Clients

Are Saying...

I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear old beliefs and patterns. 

"My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing your transmissions of Light/work.

I am very grateful that I found you.  Your work brings exactly what I need for my growth, right when I need it.  I look forward to every single transmission and series and I am grateful for the amazing growth I have experienced along the way.

Thank you, you are amazing !!!!!"

Sharon R. USA

Oh my goodness, Raquel, I have been honored to work with you.

"But have NEVER felt the intensity of any work as I did today! I am blessed by your

gift to us. Thank you!"

Katherine N., USA

Thank You so much for the experience. I have noticed an abundant amount of change in my life since Beyond the Matrix.

"I have been much more positive since the event. I've had physical energy that I didn't think was possible recently.

I look forward to delving further into you Light work"

Amanda D, USA

I have felt “happier", more cheerful and inwardly a sense of joy and calm.

"Just wanting to say “thank you” for wonderful workshop,  In short, I was tired yet “elevated with the energy/experience."

Veronica T, USA

Here are some things you may experience with this workshop

  • Multidimensional Upgrades to help you handle and even thrive in your live
  • Cosmic & Galactic Connections... deeper understanding of what ascension really is
  • Deeper Connection to Your Higher Self and Cosmic Wisdom... priceless
  • Cosmic group work for humanity and the ascension process
  • And more...  But be forewarned, this event can bring MASSIVE change in your life...

I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist and Bio-Engineer of Living Conscious Form.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

I work on the Multidimensional level of reality, encoding the Matrix of this holographic experience, to reprogram and repair the distortions within this physical experience.

It's time to empower more and more Starseeds and Lightworkers to unlock their gifts and memories to enhance the acceleration of consciousness. 

Reserve Your place now...


Saturday - -10am - 5pm
Sunday - 9am - 5pm

Includes:Coffee/tea, lunch, snacks

$775 pp

I will be taking applications, so apply now!


Non-Member Pricing

$775 Non-refundable Deposit $200 Holds Your Space
  • Experience Multidimensional Upgrades
  • Participate in Cosmic Group Work for Humanity
  • Gather with Like Minded Souls and Make New Connections

Light Portal Members - Save 10%

$697 Non-refundable Deposit $200 Holds Your Space
  • Experience Multidimensional Upgrades
  • Participate in Cosmic Group Work for Humanity
  • Gather with Like Minded Souls and Make New Connections

Deposit of $200 Holds Your Spot
Payment in Full Due 30 Days Prior

By Application Only to Ensure Cohesiveness with the Group Synergy!

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