Enlightenment: A Physical and Spiritual Process


Enlightenment is both a physical and Spiritual process.  When your body holds more “Light as Information”, you become aware of dimensions which are oscillating at higher/faster levels.  This new awareness or perception is called a “Shift in Consciousness.”

Advancements in science and quantum physics tell us there are a minimum of 13 dimensions of reality.  Our current awareness is in the 3rd dimension.  We also know that everything is energy, everything is frequency.  How fast that energy is moving, or at what frequency it is oscillating, determines how we perceive or experience it.

Science also states that there are 12 strands of genetic coding in human DNA.  Until recently, 10 of those strands were considered “junk.”  However, new medical research is reporting that additional strands of DNA (and RNA) are becoming active.  DNA strands that science used to think were “junk” are no longer dormant.  The human race is truly evolving.

This is more than a shift in the way we think or perceive our lives and the world around us.  It is also a physical process which supports a new level of awareness, understanding and connection to the Divine.

Within your DNA and RNA are the instructions to transform into a Body of Light.  This is an evolution.  It is your Divine birthright.  The process of Ascension/Enlightnement produces a shift from a dense, carbon-based body into a “Light Body.”  This is accomplished by bringing more light/energy into your physical cellular structure.  This change in the frequency of your cells causes a restructuring and reassembling of the dormant strands of your DNA and RNA.

This is the catalyst for spiritual awakening.  With more “Light as information” within our body, our soul begins to remember who we really are.

How much Light are you holding within your physical cells?

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