MODULE 4: Evolving Beyond the Limits of Your Ego

A 30 Day Quantum Energy Immersion

"The ego is only an illusion, a very influential and persistent illusion."


It's Time To Reclaim Your Power

Your ego has been running the show your entire life.  It's a filter you move through life with at this level of consciousness, and it helps you navigate the world. It's done everything possible to keep you safe, maintain the status-quo and live within the boundaries of societies rules.  And boy-oh-boy has it done a fabulous job.

Many equate the ego to being egotistical, having an inflated sense of self importance.

However, most people on the spiritual path tend to experience the limitations of the ego in just the opposite way.  The ego shows up as fear, doubt, lack of self worth, feeling selfish, a lack of confidence, etc... you get the picture.

The ego tends to keep you playing small, never wanting you to 'rock the boat,' making it difficult at times to move out of your comfort zone and try new things.  The ego is risk-averse and often brings up reason after reason of why things won't work out... especially for you. This is a very limited lens in which to experience life.

The ego was designed, yes designed, to make you believe that there is nothing beyond the five senses.  This usually causes you to identify with the roles and titles you have such as; mother, brother, wife, doctor, teacher, etc., much more than identifying with your expansive multidimensional self.  This often blocks you from remembering your innate talents, skills, creative power and your magnificence as a Being of Light.

The ego program hinders your ability to evolve.  It's locked into a particular frequency and lightwave which only sees and experiences 3D.  However, most don't know the ego is actually a energetic mechanism, as well as a "computer program" running within your supercomputer of Light.

Evolving beyond your ego program is a part of activating your Light Body and resorting your Original Energetic and Physical Blueprint.  It's time to remove the "mechanism" and delete the "programs" and expand into the truth of who you are without those limitations.

This series will help you do that.  As a Quantum Light Mechanic, I am able to work within your physical and energy bodies to "loosen the grip" of the ego mechanism helping you to make the shift more quickly.

We will work together, in a collaborative effort in both the physical and higher realms, to accelerate your ability to evolve beyond the ego's stronghold.

As we evolve out of polarity consciousness, the ego's role to keep you safe and secure actually hinders your awakening process. Evolution requires the status quo to change, causing the ego to unravel so you can supersede it's limiting beliefs.

Your ego may "feel" like it is dying or losing control and will do everything to keep that from happening.  The ego will try and convince you that without "it", you will cease to exist.  And believe me, the ego is a very creative and persistent "program."

As your higher self begins to awaken beyond the ego, you may feel very uncomfortable.  Remember, the ego's job is to keep things as they are, safe within the known reality.

So... awakening or expanding beyond the "current reality" is way outside of the ego's comfort zone.

Anytime things change, there is often a period of adjustment, but driving the change and having energetic support makes the process easier.

Many of the behaviors, thoughts and belief systems that keep you feeling stuck, disconnected, lost or separate from your true essence will cease to exist when you supersede the ego and live from higher states of consciousness.  You will still be YOU, just a much more expanded level of YOU.

It's time for the ego to dissolve/unravel making way for a more expanded state of awareness to emerge.

The ego is simply a program running within your supercomputer of Light (i.e. your physical and energetic bodies) that is outdated.

Its rules and protocols were set up within the game of polarity and separation.  It operates upon the old magnetics and from the mind/brain which has been disconnected from the heart, which is your portal to Source.

The ego simply can not follow you into higher states of consciousness.

Here are some things you may experience from doing this work...

To Enhance Your Life

  • A releasing of the "inner critic" allowing your higher guidance to be heard easier
  • The ability to surrender the need to "control the situation" and learn how to trust that, if we can get out of our own way, the universe will align the highest potential
  • A more profound knowing of what your higher self/soul wants, rather than what the ego wants
  • An ability to magnetize "aligned" people, opportunities, experiences, etc. with ease
  • More capacity to say "yes" to what the universe is presenting with less worry, less "what if scenarios", less "but" energy inhibiting you... you know what I'm talking about 😉
  • Experiencing Divine Flow consistently, where things just seem so much easier
  • Learning how to be more open to receiving / shifting the magnetics you are broadcasting to the world
  • A decrease of emotional ups and downs from outside triggers and experiences
  • Ability to recognize when you are out of alignment, coming back into balance faster
  • Remembering/believing that the universe is limitless, therefore so are you
  • A deep sense of expansion that the ego mind is simply unable to comprehend
  • And more...

This Series Includes...

  • Three 50 minute Quantum Energy Activations one on the first day, the 15th day and the last day of the series
  • Daily Journaling Prompts and more to bring awareness and embody the energy
  • Light Encoded MP3 Activations - Each approximately 20 minutes long to listen as you go to sleep
  • Entraining to the Heartbeat of the Universe - Quantum Prana Breathing Technique / Practice
  • 30 Days of Quantum Energy Support
  • And more... 

...Facilitating Deep Transformation

A 30 Day Quantum Energy Immersion

We Are Master Creators

Do It With Ease and Grace...


More benefits of Evolving Beyond the Limits of Your Ego

  • A deeper sense of peace and sovereignty regardless of the illusions and chaos playing out in the world
  • Clearing/healing distorted energies of separation and polarity to help you move into unity consciousness
  • Increasing your megahertz/frequency levels allowing your own body to connect to the new magnetics with more ease and grace.
  • Releasing from the morphogenetic fields of separation consciousness
  • Ability to see others beyond their personalities and actions / current state of awareness
  • Staying balanced and operating from your heart with much more consistency
  • A stronger connection of your heart and womb (creation center) opening to your creativity 
  • Feeling calmer and staying in the Now Moment with less conscious effort - it comes more naturally
  • And more...

What will the experience be like

while participating in this work?


 This series will assist with purging both the physical and emotional body as the egotic structures dissolve and more Light intelligence begins to reside within the physical cells. 

Through a series of energetic activations, journaling suggestions, physical detoxification support, breathing techniques  and your own innate intelligence of the ascension process, this deep dive of quantum energy work will support you to live a more connected and empowered life

It is a State of Being!

How This Series Will Work

30 Days of Continued Energetic Support...

Your time and energy commitment for transformation...


This series will run differently than any other series I've done.
The depth of this work requires it. 


***This series will only be effective if you have completed Modules 1-3 of Spiritual Evolution 2.0
Otherwise, you do not have the foundational work to truly embody at this level.***


  • Three 50 minute Quantum Energy Activations on the first day, the 15th day and the last day of the series
  • Each day you will receive a journal prompt/assignment to heighten your awareness
  • Every other day you will receive a Light Encoded Activation
  • There will be additional techniques introduced to enhance your ability to embody this new level of consciousness
  • All the while, throughout the entire series, you will be held within the Quantum container receiving additional upgrades and physical support

During the entire 30 day period you will be included in the group synergy field where I will assist you energetically from the Quantum Levels of Light

Why Now?


As Gaia continues her ascension, she is releasing the old magnetics upon which polarity/separation consciousness existed and operated upon.  This is happening in a step by step process where the old magnetic grids are dissolving and new higher levels magnetic grids are systematically coming "online" across the globe and beyond.

Because of this "shift" in the magnetics, it is becoming "easier" to release the program of the ego which keeps us locked into separation.  Easier is a relative term. I'm not saying there will not be challenges within this process; however, it is much easier now, than even 6 months ago, because of the planetary/cosmic shifts that are occuring.

We are all at different levels of Light Quotient, Lightbody activation, frequency, emotional intelligence, physical health and well-being, which determines our individual experience.  Awakening is always an inside job, first and foremost... but this series provides the added benefit of quantum level support.


Releasing from the Lower Magnetics

An Essential Part of Ascension

Ascension is a process that is far beyond aspiring to live more connected to your higher wisdom.

It is a systematic process, rebuilding our multidimensional bodysuit and energetic Lightbody structures/blueprints, which when complete, allows access to all levels of consciousness.

The universe and everything within it is electromagnetic.  And the magnetics are changing as we move into the next level of awareness.

Therefore, we need to disconnect and release from the lower magnetic grids, so we can reconnect to the new magnetics coming online across the globe.


As a specialist known throughout the Cosmos, I am able to assist you from an energetic level to release from the lower magnetics and move beyond the ego program/mechanism.  Eventually, to achieve higher levels of ascension and consciousness, every living being must go through this process.  My work accelerates the process exponentially, while providing support to make it easier.

Everyone who participates and is drawn to my work is part of a soul group known as the "ground crew", here to lead the way for all of humanity to awaken and remember we are multidimensional Being of Light.

I am truly honored to assist you with awakening beyond this level of consciousness.



I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes, upgrading our physical bodies and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

As we raise the frequency which flows through our physical body and activate our original blueprint and Lightbody, we gain access to higher states of consciousness. 

What Clients

Are Saying About My Work...


The Most Powerful Series You've Brought Throught To Date!

You constantly deliver the highest level upgrades and activations, and the LightBody 3.0 series is truly exceptional.  The clarity, connection, expansion I feel is real and tangible in every part of my life.

Thank you for all you do.

Karen S., USA

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!  I felt like I was in a funk for the first 8 months in 2019 while going through clearings.  Your Lightbody 3.0 took me out of that reality into a whole better reality.  I truly felt the upgrade and got my truth bumps back as well as tingles from my crown chakra. I'm having some moments and days where I do feel hopeful, happy or joy as oppose to not feelings these positive emotions for most of 2019.

Susie T., USA

Your Wisdom and Integrity Are Unmatched

Each level of your work continues to bring in new and powerful upgrades.  I'm so grateful I have found you to assist me with all that is going on.  It seems like a crazy and wild ride, but your work grounds this so called ascension process and makes it so much easier to handle.  My gifts have continued to evolve and my awareness of who I am and what I'm here to do increases every time I do your work.  Thank you for doing what you do so masterfully.

Mary T., USA

I feel more centered, grounded and connected to Source every day! Life Just Flows!

"Words can not express the shifts and changes I've experienced since I started doing your work on a consistant basis.  Each  new activation or series continues to be better the the last.  Thank you for facilitating such a high level of Integrity, Light and Love."

Linda C., USA

Thank you for seeing me! The love you bring engulfs and sets me free!

"I want to share with you an experience I had... I was in process, dropping down to my heart ~  when a vision came. You and I were facing each other, arms intertwined twirling around floating in space. I was looking into your blue luminous eyes which were communicating trust and surrender. I knew you were asking me to drown with you in the water beneath us. Without hesitation, feeling completely safe with you, I took some gasping breaths and down we went. I could breathe underwater! We danced round and round in joy, in the light of love."

Adair P., USA

Awakening is Multifaceted...

The process of awakening is multifaceted.

The metamorphosis from individual awareness to soul, monad, avatar and beyond (stages of expanded consciousness) is a precise progression of the embodiment of Light intelligence, which many call ascension.

Ascension is a step by step process which everyone will be required to do.  There is no skipping steps, there is no "faking it to you make it," there is simply the inside job of evolving beyond the current state of separation and polarity into quantum awareness of pure creation consciousness.

As the Lightbody rebuilds, the capacity to embody higher states of consciousness emerges.

The ego is a mechanism and program that operates upon the lower magnetics within your supercomputer of Light.  As you release from the lower magnetics and release the ego program, your ability to experience your reality from a level of wholeness and connection expands exponentially.

Awakening is truly a "physical" process as much as it is a "spiritual" one.  The reconstruction of the Lightbody requires the releasing of toxins in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Much will be required to release this level of your current identity, but the result will bring new levels of freedom, wholeness, balance, being sovereign and more.

A 30 Day Quantum Energy Immersion

This Series Includes...


Three 50 minute Quantum Energy Activations on the first day, the 15th day and the last day of the series


Daily journaling prompts and more to bring awareness and embody the energy. Journaling will be a key element of this work


30 Days of Being held in the Energetic Quantum field of Light as I facilitate the Light Activations, Energy Upgrades and more to assist with the deep embodiment of this work and more...


Each night during your dream state you (your Higher Self) will be invited to experience the healing and integration of the upgraded Light frequency into your bodies.  

Many of you may experience me showing up in your dreams and meditations and perhaps even physically manifesting.

...Facilitating Deep Transformation

More Info... Our Cosmic History


The experience of separation is coming to completion.  We are unlocking, unraveling, unwriting this experiment back into Source zero point.  It's happening very quickly at the quantum level, however, time in this level of consciousness makes it seem like it's taking forever.

Within the experiment/experience of duality, polarization and separation, much was done to lockdown the organic stargates, portals, ley-lines, etc., and create false and distorted grid systems and reverse spin energy fields and more upon earth.  This also locked down humanity by dissecting our natural Lightbody and blueprints and disconnecting us from universal life force energy.  We are in process of correcting all the distortion throughout the entire universe.

Within the Universal Time Matrix we are currently experiencing here on earth, the cosmic time markers to unravel and correct all the distortion continue to present.   It's time to reclaim our soul essence and come back into alignment with our Quantum Selves within the larger universal experience.

Click here for a brief cosmic history overview.

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