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Many Paths, One Destination...

Stepping into your authentic self and connecting with the truth of who you are is the goal. Each person has a unique journey, with different life experiences which have brought them to this point in time.

Below you will find many different packages and programs.  Each one is unique, yet all work towards the same goal... Clearing your Divine Vehicle so you can connect with your own Higher Self and Wisdom.

Feel into each package and series.  Does it call to you?  Listen to your heart (not your head) and follow the promptings of your Higher Self...  Some programs will intrigue you more than others, but ultimately, ALL will serve to support your personal and spiritual growth and expansion.

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11 Day Immersion Series
Nov 11-22, 2018

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Live Global Energy Activation

Live Global Energy Activation

Keep Your Energy System and Physical Body Thriving

Raquel offers 2 activations each month to help you stay connected. These activations will help you infuse and integrate the most relevant and up to date energetic codes available to accelerate your spiritual transformation.

Clear, Upgrade and Be the best you can be!
1 Hour of High Frequency Activations  - $30


Ignition Packages

Embodying Self Love

Empower Your Natural State of Being

Self-love is the first step in claiming your authentic self and full power. This series of 3 energy activations will help you remove old patterns of doubt, judgment and wounding that keep your light from shining. Gain the confidence to realize your full potential.

3 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $97

Ignite Your Self Love

Embodying Health and Vitality

Enhance Your Well Being

Pain, sickness, depression and disease are indicators that you’re out of soul alignment. This series of 3 energy activations will help you neutralize stress, reset dysfunctional patterns, and let your body communicate with you in new ways. Regain the health and vitality that is your birthright.

3 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $97

Ignite Your Health & Vitality

Expand Your Connection

Enhance Your Spiritual and Cosmic Connections

You are more than meets the eye. You are a multi-dimensional being of light.  This series of 3 energy activations will open you up to a grander understanding of who you are as a spiritual being and why you’re here on earth at this time. Connect to higher realms of consciousness, understanding, and universal perspectives.

3 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $97

Expand Your Connection

Get All 3 Packages and Save

Keep Your Energy Body and Matrix Thriving

When you're ready to really dive in and start to upgrade your life, this bundle is perfect for you.  Ignite your Self Love, Health & Vitality and Spiritual connections.

9 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $197

Get All 3 Packages & Save

Activation Packages

Ignite Your Personal Mojo

Step Into Your Power

Step into a new level of personal empowerment.  Upgrade with the following activations:  Light Streams for Co Creative Manifestation, Clearing Self Sabotage, Re-patterning Out of Jealousy and Releasing Toxic Relationships & Energy.  

4 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $125

Ignite Your Personal Mojo

Enhance Your Light Frequency

Raise Your Light Quotient

These activations help you to raise your Light quotient and keep it functioning from a new level of understanding.  The package includes:  Expanding Your Heart and Bliss, Pranic Pulse Wave, Infusing Your Cosmic Feminine Wisdom and Connecting to the Web of Light.

4 Hours of Multidimensional Activations - $125

Enhance Your Light Frequency

Programs & Series

Spiritual Protection - Thriving In Today's Environment

Keep Your Energy Body and Matrix Thriving

Join Raquel as she explores how life in the 21st century has become extremely complex and how to manage your energetic systems and world to thrive in this advanced time in history.

1 Hour - $69

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ABCs of Living In Divine Flow

Working with High Frequency Energy to Manifest Your Desires

Over 4 hours of instruction and energy activations, this program will enhance your ability to work with higher frequencies of Light to manifest your heart's desires.

4.5 Hours - $195

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Extended Intensive Programs

Ignition 2.0 - Upgrade Your CPU

Shift Into The Next Level of Personal Evolution

This 7 month, self paced activation series moves through all major energy centers of your body to upgrade and recalibrate your own personal CPU to utilize Light information more effectively.

7 Month Program - $997

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