Learn to Work with High Frequency Energy

Clearing the Matrix - Moving Beyond Mass Consciousness

You will learn techniques and receive instructions on how to move out of the mass consciousness grids of light that affect 99% of humanity.  These grid structures “hold” all of the fear, chaos, doubt and disconnection to which most of humanity is currently connected.  By removing yourself from the energetic threads of this energy, your system is clear to move into higher states of consciousness.

Clearing Your Stuff - Not What You Think This Is

Everything is energy!  YES EVERYTHING.  Learn valuable and practical tips and techniques to keep your life energetically clear, building a platform which supports your Spiritual awakening. 

Building the Grids of Light to Support Your Happiness

Everything is energy!  In order for anything to manifest into this reality, it must have the energetic platform and structure in which to land.  We exist within a holographic energetic matrix.  Knowing how to work within this structure ~ with easy techniques ~ allows you to employ energetic support and structure to your heartfelt desires. 

Creating Sacred Space - What Does It Really Mean?

This is not about crystals or statues of Buddha on an altar.  Your body is sacred.  It is your Divine Vehicle for this journey we call life.  The energy transmission you will receive during the last hour of this series activates the next level of your Divine Sacred Vehicle of Light.  Truly powerful and transformational on a cellular level assisting you with manifesting a life in Divine Flow.

Over 4.5 Hours of Instruction and Upgrades


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