Embodying the Cosmic Crystals - Module 1: ROSE QUARTZ

Throughout this 7 day activation series, our intention is to prepare, upshift and infuse our bodies with the cosmic frequencies of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz has always been associated with love in all its forms, the heart (physical and emotional) and the Divine.

The frequency upshift with Rose Quartz is coming directly from the Divine Mother / level of purity and love.

As in all my series, the Architects of the Divine Vehicle are overseeing this process. This is an intelligence / group of evolved souls who designed the human form prior to any intervention or distortion. It is through this knowledge and blueprint which our current vehicle is returning to an expanded and more highly functional state.

The Cosmic expression of Rose Quartz is ready to be embodied to assist you to shift and change in these accelerated times with a deeper sense of self love, peace and trust in your Higher Self.

The crystals hold a purity and integrity that has been, for the most part untainted. With this series, we will unlock the Divine mechanics within our matrix to interface on a much deeper and more profound level.

Each series/module is unique and I never know what is truly coming until Spirit reveals it.  However, the following is potential benefits of this series.

• Unlock your ability to communicate with the wisdom of the crystals

• Receive new levels of personal healing

• Open to new skills and abilities to work with crystals for your personal expansion

• Integrate the frequencies within your own Living Matrix

• and more...

This series is comprised of 7 days of activations.  Each day, you will receive a PDF written explanation of the energy activation, along with a MP3 recording.

I will NOT be teaching you anything about crystals, as there is already much intellectual information available.

This is an experiential series, where I will work with your Divine energy matrix of Light to interface with the consciousness of the crystal / intelligence.

Thus, upshifting your ability to remember, work with and integrate the healing, wisdom, technology and illumination available, as we move into the next phase of awakening.

Each recording will be approximately 25-30 minutes in length.  It is recommended to listen to the activation within the 24 hour period if possible.  However, always follow your own guidance.

Follow your heart.  You know if this is right for you. Each crystal will be a stand alone module.

I hope you will participate and receive this amazing energy.

What's Included

  • Introduction & Overview PDF
  • 7 audio activations (approximately 30 mins each), delivered 1 per day
  • 7 PDFs to accompany each audio activation, delivered 1 per day
  • Light Language PDF
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