Embodying the Cosmic Elements - Series

Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether


You are made up of water, fire, air, earth and ether. These elements are common throughout the universe and inside of every human being. The energetic frequency of these elements has been distorted over time by what’s taken place on the planet.

We were all born into this distorted blueprint. These lower frequencies are locked into our fields and also passed on through our ancestral DNA, causing emotional distress that is painful and unnecessary. Throughout our lives we become more and more disconnected from nature as we live in this technologically-advanced concrete world.

Many spiritual-seekers want to leave the human experience behind and return to a state of bliss and enlightenment. They forget that we came in as a soul group to shift the human experience into one of happiness, joy and peace, rather than the pain and suffering that has been the experience for so long on this planet.

Awakening is not about “getting out of here,” but having the best possible human experience and contributing to the awakening of others. 

This series brings in for the first time a purer expression of the 5 elemental frequencies and makes them accessible to you.

By participating, you begin to embody these higher frequencies, which allow you to shift your experience away from pain, emotional distress and suffering into deep inner peace, harmony and more.

Connecting with the natural cosmic cycles and rhythms, as well as the divine feminine frequencies, this work brings you into balance, divine flow and a new level of personal mastery.

Rather than responding from old patterns and behaviors, you begin to awaken to your true self and experience life from a place of empowerment and deeper compassion.

By embodying these higher elemental frequencies, you will be able to support the up-leveling of the blueprint not only for yourself, but all of humanity.  This allows you to be a part of truly shifting the consciousness of humanity.

This series is the beginning of bringing us back into cosmic time and rhythms. This is the first of several series spirit has told me to bring through to assist with the evolution of humanity.

Each module has 13 Days worth of High Frequency Activations, providing over 6 hours of energy upgrades.  The Embodying the Cosmic Elements Series is meant to be done in order, as each module builds upon the next.

The series is best when completed over a 5 month period, giving ample time for proper integration of the energies and frequencies of Light.


Over 30 Hours of High Frequency Activations

Embodying the Cosmic Elements Series Regularly - $1111 * Now Only- $799


This installment of embodying the 5 cosmic elements is focused on deep emotional clearing and physical rejuvenation through the water element, so you can clear the unwanted emotions, patterns and reactions in your life.

You will:

• Master the essence of what water represents in your life: emotion, intuition, intelligence, flexibility, softness and the ability to go with the flow

• Upgrade the physical water in your body to the highest level of crystalline form you can embody at this time (remember your body is 70% water)

• Remember the knowledge from past lives and the ancient island civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu and the role the cosmic element water plays in connecting you to all that is

• Get introduced to the cities of Light within the planetary waters that connect you with the star system you’re most aligned with

• Experience Light language as it unlocks the akashic records held within your own DNA, allowing a deep healing

•Tap into the ancient wisdom of the dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and more


This installation of the 5 cosmic elements will open the gateway and pathways within your mind and body to release deeply held patterns of aggression, jealousy, duality and more.

You will:

• Move back to your conception within your mother’s womb, clearing held distorted energies remaining from your mother’s state of being and experience

• Clear the energy held within your matrix around ‘original sin’ and the role mass consciousness plays in patterning your subconscious thoughts and behaviors around pleasure

• Clear held guilt, shame and feelings of being self-conscious around your body or sexual desires, as well as trauma around physical or sexual abuse

• Release and repair distorted energetic patterns associated with your natural creativity and joy through the purifying energy of Cosmic Fire

•  Activate the spark or movement of Kundalini energy within your systems with a natural, non-forced and Divine Feminine approach

• Open and enhance your ability to experience pleasure without judgment or inhibitions, setting yourself free to experience a life of gratitude, joy, bliss, and happiness


This installment of embodying the 5 cosmic elements is focused on conscious co-creation and release and repair of subconscious patterns, enhancing your ability to create the life you desire.

You will:

• Release old unconscious patterns which keep you repeating unwanted behaviors

• Upgrade and enhance the prana life force which oxygenates your entire body

• Unlock and enhance your understanding of higher concepts of manifestation

• Open up to new perceptions and experiences of who you are as a cosmic Being of Light

• Expand your awareness and connection to all life on Gaia

• Increase your ability to work with higher frequencies of Light to improve your life and more


This installment of embodying the 5 cosmic elements is focused on conscious co-creation and release and repair of subconscious patterns, enhancing your ability to create the life you desire.

You will:

• Tap into and integrate your own unique frequency of Light stored within the libraries of Gaia

• Connect into sacred portals around the globe

• Integrate information held within Gaia from past advanced civilizations

• Open up to and connection with star systems and enhance your memory that you are a star being

• And more...


This installment of embodying the 5 cosmic elements is focused on conscious co-creation working with the limitless potentiality of Cosmic Ether.

You will:

• Expand your understanding of the role of the "void" in co-creation

• Learn to tap into the void within

• Upgrade your ability to work with the element of Cosmic Ether to manifest into physicality

• Open up to and connection many aspects of your multidimensional self who have mastered manifestation within other dimensions of physicality

• And more...

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Embodying the Cosmic Elements Series Regularly - $1111 * Now Only- $799