13 Day Activation Series - 7 Month Program

Upgrading Your Divine Vehicle of Light

Spiritual Evolution is a quest, a journey and a pursuit which brings one into a Enlightened state of BEING.

As we began the new age of Aquarius, the process of spiritual evolution took on new momentum. Spiritual awakening is both a physical and spiritual process.  Your body is the vehicle which allows conscious awareness and the experience of source energy in human/physical form.

You are a super computer of Light.  Your body and energetic systems are the hardware which allows you to experience consciousness.

The computer technology world is a beautiful mirror to what is happening with the human super computer that is your body.  In order to handle more and more data and information - which for us is Light Information and Wisdom, or consciousness - the hardware has to continuously be upgraded.  Looking over the last decade, we have watched faster and more advanced levels of hardware being released to keep up with the demand of the software that is being developed.

More and more Light information is streaming onto the planet during this time in cosmic history to accelerate the advancement of human consciousness.  Just as the computer industry is mirroring, the human supercomputer requires "upgrades" to be able to process, interpret and utilize the Light information and wisdom that is available to shift consciousness.

This series works to quickly and effective upgrade your body and energetic systems to better handle the influx of Light to shift your awareness and consciousness.

This transformational series is a experiential journey of Light.  Expanding your perceptions into new realms of consciousness, each series builds upon the other to reconfigure your Divine Matrix to optimize your ability to utilize Light.

This 7 series program will:

♦  Increase your Emotional Intelligence - your ability to respond to emotional triggers from a more conscious state of awareness

♦  Connect you to Expanded Streams of Light Consciousness opening you to potentialities and universal wisdom

♦  Purify your body and energetic systems bringing clarity and centeredness in everyday life

♦  Open up channels and Light pathways within your own energy matrix to facilitate more direct interaction with your Omni present self

♦  Clear current and past life emotional blocks allowing for accelerated growth in multiple levels of your life

♦  Enable your ability to operate from a space of the “Divine Observer” in your own life 

♦  And more...

The Modules:

Ignite Your Heart - Authenticity of the Heart

Ignite Your Focus - Merging Personal & Divine Will

Ignite Your Voice - Alchemy of Sound - Weaving Words of Wisdom

Ignite Your Creativity - Entering the Sacral

Ignite Your Senses - Expanding Perceptions

Ignite Your Power - Boundless Foundations

Ignite Your Spirit - Cosmic Connections


This 7 month program will systematically work through your entire major chakra system upgrading and reconfiguring into a new level of BEING.

Each module consists of 13 activations.  You will begin with Authenticity of the Heart.  This is intensive spiritual work.  It is recommended that you listen to one activation each day for 13 consecutive days.  Each MP3 is accompanied with a PDF written explanation of what is transpiring during the activation.  This series is entirely experiential.  It is recommended you listen to the activations - which are approximately 25-30 minutes in duration prior to bed-time.  This allows for deep integration, as many go into a very deep level of relaxation and even at times go unconscious during the work.  This is perfect normal and helps support deep changes from within.

This work is every physical in nature, which surprises a lot of clients.  Know that you are shifting at a cellular level and the body will "release" energies that are not congruent with your new frequency.  This may result in a detoxification of the physical body.

After completion, you will have approximately a 2 week period of integration prior to the next module being delivered.  This time is necessary for your body to adjust, the clearing and upgrading to embody, and your personality to align with the shifts and changes that are occurring.

Designed to be a 7 month program, each person is encouraged to listen to their body and proceed at a pace that is right for them.  This is not a race, but a major growth opportunity to expand your ability to connect with your Higher Self, Source Energy, Spiritual Intelligence and Step Into a New Level of Authenticity.

Over 50 Hours of Energetic Upgrades and Expansion!


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