Activation Bundles to Help You Ignite Your Life!

Remove old patterns of doubt, judgment and wounding that keep your light from shining.  The series includes:

We live in a society that looks down upon the concept of self love giving it a bad name. The adage if you love yourself that you are too self centered, focused or selfish. But the truth is, self love is absolutely essential for a healthy and balanced life.

Each day we have a choice about how we think, feel and act. However; old habits, societies dogma and deep embedded frequency patterns in your matrix hinder your ability to run the "frequency" of self love effectively through your matrix.

Yes, self love is an unique energy frequency. As a matter of fact, there are a multitude of energy frequencies, when operating and running through your personal energetic system, can greatly enhance your experience of self love and confidence.

Sacred Self Love - 90 Minute MP3 Activation

Self love is essential for embodying your Divine essence. This activation brings through a beautiful initiation and multi-dimensional energy codes to assist you with relating to your physical body in a new and more conscious way. With the assistance of the Hathors – a group of Light Beings associated with Sacred Harmonics - and several Goddess/Priest/Priestess energies associated with Egyptian wisdom, your energetic systems are prepared to hold more of your own unique frequency of Light … a beautiful and sacred experience.

Clearing Self Sabotage - 60 Minute MP3 Activation

Working to strengthen your personal confidence, this activation helps clear old patterns of self sabotage. Going back through your personal time-line/life-time, we remove energetic blocks which perpetuate self sabotage. This activation can be listened to time and time again. Each time you feel you reached a plateau, listen again and the energy will meet you where you are at in the now moment.

Embodying Self Confidence - 60 Minute MP3 Activation

This activation works to remove distorted templates of Light and energetic patterns around self-doubt, fear and so much more. These patterns contribute to the experience of lacking confidence that is being held in your grid system, in your matrix of Light. This stuck energy is in a state of dysfunction, keeping you in a pattern which reflects less than the truth of who you are. During this activation, we will remove these stuck energies and replace them with the frequencies of confidence. As you embody these new higher energies of confidence, you provide the mirror for others around you to step into a new level of personal confidence as well.

3 Hours of High Frequency Energy Activations - $97

Ignite Self Love

Pain, depression, and disease are indicators that you’re out of soul alignment

Our bodies are fabulous at letting us know when things are going well and when they are not. Spiritual evolution and awakening does have its side effects which impact our body. However, when you keep your body functioning energetically at the highest level, the side effects can be greatly diminished.

Stress plays a big factor in our daily lives. We are constantly bombarded with energy from all types of sources. This series upgrades your body and energetic systems to better handle the stress, improve your health and even correct imbalances in the body.

Neutralizing the Stress on the Body - 60 Minute MP3

This activation resets your body systems to improve the way your energetic systems handle stress. We are all subject to many different forms of stress in our lives. Our bodies must adapt and evolve to handle the man made stressors we are all bombarded with daily. This activation also focuses on a reset for your sleep patterns, allowing you to return to a more natural and restful sleep cycle.

Reset For Optimum Health - 60 Minute MP3

This activation of Light works at a very deep level within your energetic and body systems to reset your natural rhythms and functionality. Working with the organs, glands, lymphatic system and much more, new codes of higher frequency health are integrated and embodied to positively affect all levels of your health and wellbeing. I recommend listening to this mp3 multiple times to keep your body upshifting and in optimum health.

Healing of Your Pain Body MP3 - 60 Minute MP3

This energy transmission focuses on re-establishing your relationship and connection with your pain body. Your pain body has a specific role to communicate to you issues or potential issues regarding your health. Working in No-Time (The Void) the relationship is ignited at an entirely new level. Working with multiple Healing Masters of Light, this transmission is one you may want to participate in over and over again.

3 Hours of High Frequency Energy Activations - $97

Ignite Your Health & Vitality

You Are a Multi-dimensional Being of Light

You are a multi-facuted, multi-dimensional Being of Light. When you begin to open up to your Higher Self and your comsic connections, a new level of understanding, enlightenment and personal empowerment starts to unfold.

As you open up to higher streams of Light consciousness and information, your personal journey and spiritual awakening takes on a whole new level of understanding. These 3 activations will help you tap into a deeper level of inner knowing.

Connecting to the Web of Light - 60 Minute MP3

This activation connects you to the Web of Light at the highest level you are capable of in this Now Moment. Expanding your perceptions and setting the platform to shift your perceptions deep in your subconscious to allow for deeper understanding and your own wisdom to be experienced. This brings you into a new level of spiritual connectedness and awareness of who you are.

Integrating Your Trinity of Light - 60 Minute MP3

This activation brings a integration of your Divine Masculine and Feminine frequencies so you may experience more wholeness and harmony. Integrating many aspects of your own unique frequencies allows for a deeper connection to your Higher Self, your Omni-presence and Divine essence of Light.

Accessing New Light Streams - 90 Minute MP3

This activation brings the energetic mechanics to access new Light streams of information directly into your personal matrix. This recording is the result of a Live Global teleconference call bringing like-minded souls around the world into a unified field of Light for this powerful work. Regardless of when you are listening, your energy is included in the unified field, bringing even more Light into the consciousness grids around the planet.

Listening to this activation regularly (I recommend about every six weeks) assists your body's energetics to expand and access higher levels of consciousness.

3 Hours of High Frequency Energy Activations - $97

Ignite Your Spiritual and Cosmic Connection