Tap Into Your Cosmic Self

This series is all about connecting you to a deeper understanding of your role in the awakening of humanity. 

Raquel gives explanations of how your Divine Vehicle is a vital KEY to the evolution of your consciousness.  Each activation upgrades your body to interpret Light in new ways, expanding your awareness beyond your current levels of understanding. 

Explore, expand and experience a new level of Light!

This 11 part video series expands your perceptions of the quantum and cosmic experience.  Each activation working on a different energy upgrade.  Building your connection to the cosmic energies of awakening, while upgrading your body to allow the integration of high frequency energy and concepts with ease and grace.

Quantum BOPP 1 Video Series

Video 1 - Connecting to Gaia

This video begins the series with the all important aspect of grounding effectively to the crystalline core of Gaia.  The necessity to ground in this way is paramount to your ability to hold high frequency energies in the reality.  During this activation, we open up the Omega Chakra and the portal to ground in this reality. This also connects your energetic body to the "Ring of Fire" frequencies, which may spark personal memories of Mu and Lemuria lifetimes and knowledge.  Bringing into your systems new connections to the dolphins and whales, who hold wisdom and information for our collective awakening.

Video 2 - Connecting to the Cosmic Realms

Opening up the portal into the Alpha chakra.  This begins an opening to your cosmic connections to different star systems.  Each of us have experiences and lifetimes in different star systems and timelines through the galaxy.  When we can connect to the wisdom from those experiences, our ability to remember and awaken to our own truth and skills expands.  This activation opens up new pathways to enhance your memories and knowledge.

Video 3 - Decalcifying the Pineal Gland

We begin to connect in with the Etheric Crystal Skulls.  The 13 skulls are the living library of Light information holding the galactic wisdoms from the star systems. This upgrades the Alpha chakra with the crown to allow streams of new Light frequencies from these living libraries to activate.  This will increase your ability to receive information when appropriate for your awakening and your role as a living embodiment of Light.

Video 4 - The Lower Chakra's

The activation will either replace or upgrade your current lower three chakras to continue the evolution of your own body systems.  This activation will meet you in the now moment - at your currently level of upgrade to propel your bodies into the next expression.  This is very physical in nature.

Video 5 - The Upper Chakra's

This continues the upgrade to your body and Divine Vehicle.  There are also learnings about staying aligned and in Divine flow.  Allowing the personality to align with Divine Will and moving into a life of ease and grace.

Video 6 - The Heart Chakra

This brings all the Light upgrades into alignment through the heart chakra.  The heart is ALWAYS the central point for awakening and connection to the Divine. 

Quantum BOPP 1

Get this 6 part video series.  3 Hours of Multidimensional energy upgrades.


Quantum BOPP 1 Video Series

Quantum BOPP 1 Video Series

This 5 part video series is a beautiful immersion into quantum level upgrades to your Divine Vehicle of Light.  Each video is approximately 25-30 minutes in duration and was filmed in sequence.  Learn, upgrade and expand your consciousness!

Video 1 - Preparing for the Frequency of Love

Self love is a integral part of our awakening process.  We've heard the saying time and time again - you have to love yourself first, before you can truly love others.  But in our society and culture, self love is still not fully understood as a frequency of Light.  Dive deeper into embodying this energy to enhance your ability to live authentically.

Video 2 - New Oscillations of the Divine Feminine - Moving Up The Spectrum of Light

The attributes of the Divine Feminine are frequency codes of Light which enable our ability to live from new levels of compassion, cooperations, etc. When we embody these frequencies at deeper levels, we are able hold the space for ourselves and others to step into a new level of expression and light.

Video 3 - Rejuvenation of the Cellular Structure

This activation sparks the next level of cellular rejuvenation.  If you notice, those who hold higher levels of light seem to look younger.  I keep asking for more light technology to come forth to speed up our rejuvenation process.  This is the first level of that technology...  🙂

Video 4 - Expanding Your Heart for New Levels of Manifestation

This activation opens up yet another level of your heart chamber accessing a new sacred geometry or mechanism to assist with manifesting on the physical plane.  With each new level or opening, your ability to manifest your Light advances.

Video 5 - Upgrading the Human Operating System

This activation brings in a new interface for your human computer.  It enhances the way in which your brain and nervous system interacts to allow your body to effectively and efficiently embody more light.  This evolutionary process requires the continued upshifting of your human computer to bring you into deeper levels of connection to source, light intelligence and love.

Quantum BOPP 2 Video Series

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Quantum BOPP 2 Video Series

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Embodying Self Love

Empower Your Natural State of Being

Self-love is the first step in claiming your authentic self and full power. This series of 3 energy activations will help you remove old patterns of doubt, judgment and wounding that keep your light from shining. Gain the confidence to realize your full potential.

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Embodying Health and Vitality

Enhance Your Well Being

Pain, sickness, depression and disease are indicators that you’re out of soul alignment. This series of 3 energy activations will help you neutralize stress, reset dysfunctional patterns, and let your body communicate with you in new ways. Regain the health and vitality that is your birthright.

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Ignite Your Health & Vitality

Expand Your Connection

Enhance Your Spiritual and Cosmic Connections

You are more than meets the eye. You are a multi-dimensional being of light.  This series of 3 energy activations will open you up to a grander understanding of who you are as a spiritual being and why you’re here on earth at this time. Connect to higher realms of consciousness, understanding, and universal perspectives.

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Keep Your Energy Body and Matrix Thriving

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Spiritual Protection - Thriving In Today's Environment

Keep Your Energy Body and Matrix Thriving

Join Raquel as she explores how life in the 21st century has become extremely complex and how to manage your energetic systems and world to thrive in this advanced time in history.

1 Hour - $69

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ABCs of Living In Divine Flow

Working with the Quantum Mechanics of High Frequency Light


With over 4.5 hours of instruction and energy activations, this program helps you understand the quantum mechanics of working with High Frequency Energy to co-create your life and bring you into Divine Flow.

4.5 Hours - $195

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Energy Ignition 2.0

7 Month Intensive Program to Reconfigure Your Divine Vehicle of Light

This 7 month program consists of 7 - 13 Day Activation modules that systematically move through your major energy systems within your physical and energetic bodies to upshift, upgrade and reconfigure the way your own super computer - cpu - Divine Vehicle utilizes Light and information, knowledge and wisdom.

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