Accessing the Living Library of
Ancient and Cosmic Wisdom...


Gaia is a Living Library and Stargate.  With all the Earth Changes, Cosmic Energies and Shifting of the Grids, new levels of Light are unlocking.

Like a combination lock, the ancient and cosmic codes embedded within her are activating and opening to provide wisdom and knowledge for the advancement of humanity. 

Accessing ancient power points and sacred sites, this series will span the globe as we access the living library that is Gaia.

Each module will focus on a specific location, as each power place holds unique knowledge and wisdom, which will in itself work in a specific sequence to open our personal Matrix of Light.

Working with the Ancients, Star Beings, Galactic Councils and more, this series provides the next level of Light initiations to remember our truth and step into our Divine Role as Sovereign Beings of Light.

Encrypted and Hidden Knowledge

Gaia continues to be Key in the evolution of humanity, the galaxy and this universe.  I have spoken about this being a critical "Cosmic Window of Time" for decades, which is providing an opportunity for a quantum leap in consciousness.

The dynamics of the underlying energetic structures of earth continue to shift and change, which is unlocking hidden wisdom and knowledge stored within the body of Gaia. The photon light, gamma rays, solar flares and more are affecting the physical body of earth, essentially accelerating Gaia's ascension.

As she continues to evolve, her system is systematically unlocking and releasing stored information from within her own Cosmic DNA.  

What's In It For You?


As multidimensional masters of Light here to shift the consciousness of humanity, our roles as healers, wayshowers, shamans, galactic citizens and visionaries for a new reality are accelerating.

Your capacity to access your skills, wisdom and memories of how to manifest and work within the Quantum Field of Infinite Potentialities is essential.

Many Starseeds have codes within their DNA and Personal Computer System (i.e. your Energetic Matrix of Light) which are programmed to unlock with key codes from sacred sites and power places around the globe.

With all the earth changes, shifts within the planetary grids, cosmic frequency influences and more, now is the time for many to come more fully "online".

However, visiting the physical locations to activate and initiate these codes is often prohibitive.

This is why I'm honored and ecstatic to be given this contract and assignment to assist so many of my fellow Light workers to access these codes of Light.

Our First Power Place



Waterfalls in Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Bosnia's Pyramids Are To The Future, What the Giza Pyramids Are To The Past!

When visiting the pyramids of Bosnia in 2017, this was the phrase that continued to be in my awareness.

The Bosnia Pyramids align with the cardinal points and are directly aligned with Galactic Center.  This cosmic alignment provides access to a much higher level of Universal intelligence and Source energy.

The entire region of Bosnia is an inter-galactic hub, if you will, much of which is just now beginning to be realized.  Without the centuries of human interference, the pyramidal structures of this region act as a clearer conduit for cosmic frequencies to anchor into the earth grids, providing new levels of information and wisdom for humanity. 

This will be a vital location and cornerstone for accessing and integrating the new level of codes and information around the globe.

Other possible locations that will be a featured modules in this series are:  The Antarctic, The Yonaguni Monolith, Japan, The Marble Caves, Chile... just to name a few. I even believe we may work within the Cities of Light and Inner Earth realms.  We will see where it all leads.  I anticipate a module every other month, as the information, codes and energy become available.

This Location Is Essential & Is Key To All Others...

  • Pyramid of the Sun
  • Pyramid of the Moon
  • Pyramid of the Dragon
  • Plitvice Lakes - Galactic University
  • And more...

Below are some images to help you get acquainted with the area.


Semir Osmanagich PhD discovered the ancient pyramid structure years ago.  A native of Bosnia, you can learn more about him and his work here:

Plitvice Lakes National Park, the largest national park in Croatia, UNESCO World Heritage
Waterfalls in Plitvice National Park, Croatia

What Clients

Are Saying...


Holy Shit... I've never seen a chart alignment like this! Girl, you're bringing in some powerful cosmic wisdom!

"You are a Master Soul from the Galactic Center that works outside of time and space... You are here to adjust the entire philosophy and belief structure of this planet... You're a teacher bringing through the highest level of Source information and wisdom... Personally, I'm glad to know you're here doing exactly what you came here to do!"

Meru Matu - Quantum Astrologer - Sun Soul Astrology

I'm so glad I found you. Your expertise as a cosmic guide and facilitator to help me unlock my gifts is extraordinary!

"Words can not express the shifts and changes I've experienced since I started doing your work on a consistent basis.  Each  new activation or series continues to be better the the last.  Thank you for facilitating such a high level of Integrity, Compassion, Light and Love."

Katherine G., USA

Everyone's Journey is Unique! An Immersion of Multidimensional Light

Raquel Spencer – Dividers-04

The intention of this series is to assist you with receiving the codes and initiations from sacred power places around the globe.

As your Light Quotient and Body Systems continue to evolve, your ability to integrate the ancient wisdom and knowledge held within the body of Gaia increases.  Many have longed to travel to sacred sites and power places around the globe, but 3D life has often prohibited the ability to do so.  This is why I'm so excited for this series.

As a Multidimensional Energy Specialist and Cellular Light Specialist, I have a unique ability to facilitate this at a Cosmic Level.  Having spent decades, starting back in 1990, traveling around the world to some of these exact locations in the physical, my expertise as a multidimensional guide, my universal skill set and my capacity to facilitate the deep integration of these codes and libraries of cosmic information provides the necessary tools to assist at this level.  I'm truly honored to have been given this contract and assignment.

We are all at different levels of Light Quotient, frequency, emotional intelligence, physical health and well-being which determines our individual experience.

Here are some things you may experience with this program

  • Memory of Past Lives... remember who you really are
  • Expanded Multidimensional Connection...begin to consciously move between dimensions
  • Access to Multidimensional Skills... open new levels of your gifts
  • Deeper Connection to Your Higher Self and Cosmic Wisdom... priceless
  • Releasing of Illusions which holds Limiting Beliefs... remain in high frequencies regardless of what is happening around you
  • And more...

I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist and Bio-Engineer of Living Conscious Form.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

I work on the Multidimensional level of reality, encoding the Matrix of this holographic experience, to reprogram and repair the distortions within this physical experience.

It's time to empower more and more Starseeds and Lightworkers to unlock their gifts and memories to enhance the acceleration of consciousness. 

This Is Your Multidimensional



How Will This Online Program Work?


A Journey Into The Living Library of Ancient and Cosmic Wisdom Online Program

This 7 day energy immersion will provide a beautiful forum for cosmic initiations, integration of spiritual encodements and deep physical and personal transformation.

7 Days of Powerful Initiations, Upgrades & Downloads of Light!

With each day building upon the next, this immersion will provide the energetic support and time necessary to upgrade your mind, body and spirit.

This 7 Day Module includes:


7 MP3 Activation with embedded Light Language


A written Light Language message to enhance integration


Initiations appropriate for you, based upon your star lineage and current level of Light Quotient


Daily Energetic Support


And more...

All of these elements will activate a different level of your mind, body and soul to maximize your embodiment of the specific power place codes.  The energy will unlock a new level of activation and downloads each day.

Each night during your dream state you (your Higher Self) will be invited to experience the initiations, memories of past lives, parallel lives and will be prompted into a lucid dreamstate to enhance soul memory.

Many of you may experience me showing up in your dreams and meditations and perhaps even physically manifesting (it happens often - people email me about having a conversation or meeting in other parts of the world in full physical form:-)

The activations will have gentle Light Language infused into the music, allowing you to go deep within the transformation process.

The MP3's will be approximately 15-20 minutes to make it easier to fit into your schedule. To accelerate the integration, I recommend listening right before you go to sleep, unless you find the work to energizing...then follow your own heart and rhythm.  The energy will continue to work through the night.

I will also encourage you to journal during this immersion, although it's not required.  This will be to help remember more and bring it into your awareness.

It is HIGHLY recommended to maintain a clean and healthy diet during this series, including refraining from alcohol. Your body is your vehicle for awakening!  It's a masterpiece of bio-electrical, bio-chemical, Cellular Light engineering, which is evolving into a new level of consciousness!  Treat it like the Temple of Living Light it is!

Are You Ready?


Nebula and Supernova Level Light Portal members, this series is included!

Non-Member Pricing

  • Listen to beautiful music and drift off to dreamtime
  • Have ample time to integrate so your body feels fabulous
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion

Light Portal Members - Star Level

  • Upgrade With Ease
  • Listen to beautiful music and drift off to dreamtime
  • Have ample time to integrate so your body feels fabulous
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion

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