Your Body Is Key To Your Awakening!

That’s right!  Your body is a key element in the awakening process.  We all know that good nutrition and exercise are important, but I am talking about far more than that!

transformation-300x400Your body is a massive bio-electrical, bio-chemical computer of LIGHT!  It is the hardware which allows your consciousness to existing in this reality.  Your body is the house for your soul.  In order to interpret and utilize all the Light codes and information which are located inside your cellular DNA and coming from higher oscillations of Light, your circuitry and energetic systems have to be functioning at a certain level.  This is referred to as your “Light Quotient.”

I specialize in upgrading your Divine Vehicle, a.k.a. your body, to enhance your ability to integrate and interpret LIGHT as information, knowledge and wisdom.  This is what your body was originally designed to do!  However, after eons of atrophy, your hardware is not operating at the level necessary to get a full and conscious connection to your Higher Self.

I transmit Light energy which produces changes in your physical and energetic fields. These “Activations” help to restore your bodies natural ability to be directly connected to higher streams of Light consciousness and your Higher Self.


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