Kaleidoscope Shielding


Energetic Firewall Protection

Moving Into New Levels of Awareness


If you are reading this, you are part of the collective ascension team.  We are here, in part, to protect and reactivate the Angelic Human DNA Blueprint for humanity.

This requires a conscious awareness of the outer world and the energies that are not compatible with bringing the new paradigm of unity consciousness into reality.

It is a responsibility we all agreed to and need to take seriously, as it is essential to humanity's awakening out of the illusion of duality and separation.

We are the guardians, the protectors of this "proprietary coding, blueprints and DNA" to safeguard within our fields.  So, as well as shielding you from inorganic man-made frequencies and negative energies, it's important to expand your understanding of why this is so important and necessary moving forward.


We live in a fast-paced chaotic world. Every day we are bombarded with energy from satellites, microwaves, cell phone towers, computers, AI technology, EMF's, let alone other people’s energy!  

These outside influences can really impact your energetic fields causing a lot of issues -- like fatigue, headaches, low energy, feeling spaced out, and more.

We all hear about the negative effects these types of energies can have on our health and well-being. And if you are sensitive to energy, it can keep you from living your life to the fullest.

Do you realize that you have the ability to significantly decrease the effects outside energetic influences have on your life?

My clients ask all the time… how can I protect myself from outside energies?  This technique, when followed regularly (strong hint), will really make a difference in your life.

This technique takes less than 1 minute and can have a HUGE impact on how you feel.  This can be done anywhere and at any time.  It’s all about remembering to do it!

Get Into Your Heart!

The Firewall Technique


Clearing Your Fields

Take a deep breath and focus on the center of your high heart chakra (right in the center of your chest) bringing your awareness into this location of your body.

Visualize a small ball of white Light (about the size of a golf ball) in the center of your heart chakra.

With the next breath, explode that ball of light out in 360 degrees, like a pulse-wave expanding into infinity, to clear out any and all unwelcome frequencies. Repeat several times (at least 5) coinciding with your breath.

This will quickly clear your energy field of outside energy or influences.  Then...

Creating the Kaleidoscope Shielding

From the center of your high heart chakra create a kaleidoscope with the current colors held within the binary magnetic structures of reality.  This is humanity's current rainbow ray colors and all their variations.

With your next breath, expand the kaleidoscope in 360 degrees around you, approximately 4-5 arms' lengths from your body, with the image on the outside of the sphere. Set the intention that the kaleidoscope is in continuous movement, creating a constantly changing mosaic of fractal images.

The intention is that the image around you is never the same from moment to moment.  The fractals are constantly changing; therefore unable to be tracked on any level.  This is to create a field that will never put out the same signal, frequency, or image twice.

Then create a new or another kaleidoscope from the center of your high heart chakra with a different color them or dominant color scheme and pattern.  Expand that sphere to sit within the first sphere.  Then make the speed different (meaning how fast the kaleidoscope is turning and making new patterns) and change the angle of the rotation (so it does not "line up" with the same center points).  So a kaleidoscope within a kaleidoscope.

Then repeat one more time (or more if you are guided).  Thus, every sphere is it's unique own version of colors, patterns, pace and angle, nesting like 'russian dolls."

Next, as an intention, state... taking from good old Star Wars ... "these are not the droids you are looking for"... sending a signal that there is nothing of interest here.

In essence, what you are creating is a personal firewall or shield of protection for your own energetic fields.

The intention is for all unhealthy, inorganic, negative, unwanted frequencies and energies to be kept out of your energy fields, WHILE all higher organic, positive and/or uplifting frequencies may enter.   This includes all Higher Light intelligence guiding you to your highest potential.   

In addition, as the AI technology continues to evolve, learning as it goes, you will never project the same fractal image twice.  Therefore, you (your frequency) will be untraceable to artificial intelligence programs/technologies.

Have this intention when you are creating this and every time you "reinforce" this protective kaleidoscope firewall around you.  

I would recommend checking/reinforcing it multiple times a day.  Select things you do everyday as a reminder to check your firewall, i.e. your shower, when you leave your home, your work, etc.

Infusing Your Container with Triwave Energy

Once the kaleidoscope container is in place, fill the inner part of the container with Pure Universal Organic Source Light and connect into the Triwave magnetics.

Visualize yourself completely immersed in Divine Organic Light, fully connecting to the new magnetics, and that you yourself are a pure conduit to anchor this new magnetic platform onto the planet.


We Are Master Creators

Be the Best Version of You!


Why This New Level of Protection is Need Now?


This level of protection is essential, as we (those holding the Angelic Human DNA Blueprint) need to safeguard our fields, biology and consciousness more than ever, as we continue unraveling the old binary paradigm of the inverted reality.

I encourage you to try this for a week and see how much better you feel. This is about taking care of your own energy and fields in a positive and powerful way.

You are the creator of your life. This simple yet effective technique can really make a positive difference in how you experience your life.


Safeguarding Your Sovereignty


Being a Wayshower


I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes, upgrading our physical bodies and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

As we raise the frequency which flows through our physical body and activate our original blueprint and Lightbody, we gain access to higher states of consciousness.