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The path of Spiritual Awakening is a journey. It's an ever evolving exploration into the true nature of our soul.

Many of my clients spent years gathering tools, practices and modalities to assist them with their spiritual evolution.

However, even with all those tools, many still were not experiencing the level of personal connection to their Higher Self and the Divine they long for.

Their dedication, effort and true desire just wasn't enough, not because they weren't good enough... no, quite the contrary.

The missing piece that many don't realize, is that Your Body is Key AND Your Body is an Energetic Supercomputer!

So... if your hardware (i.e your energetic systems and body) isn't upgraded and functioning at the highest level, all your trying and effort doesn't mean a thing.

Think about your personal home computer. If you don't keep it up to date, it's really hard to get it to do what you know it can or should be doing, right?

You're the same way. If your body isn't upgraded to "handle the frequencies" and run the Light software, all the trying in the world won't get you the results you desire.

What Clients

Are Saying...


I've noticed a dramatic difference in my prosperity and overall sense of well-being!

"All of your activations have been incredibly helpful to me over the past year or so, and I've noticed dramatic differences in my prosperity and overall sense of well being."

Warren C., USA

I feel my day-to-day life has greatly improved...

"I am happier, despite whatever is happening in my life. My ability to bounce back from 'less than positive' outside influences is much quicker and overall I feel my day to day life is greatly improved.  Many thanks and much appreciation!"

Maureen C., USA

I feel more balanced, whole, happy and expanded...

"I'm always amazed at how much each activation brings through.  I feel more balanced, whole, happy and expanded with your work.  After years of searching and trying so many different programs and modalities, your work consistently raises my vibration and I experience the shifts in my life.  Thank you so much for what you do."

Mary C., USA

How I Assist YOU to

Shine your Light

If we haven't met before, I’m a Transformational Leader, Energetic Electrician, and Quantum Mechanic.

My life was profoundly shifted when I fell into an unexplained medical coma for 5 weeks. During the coma, I experienced a soul braid, acutely integrating many aspects of my Divine Higher Self, intensely transforming and embedding frequencies from many lifetimes.

One of the most “noticeable” shifts in the physical was my hair loss, which is a direct result of this re-alignment to the lifetimes as a Buddhist priestess/priest, representing a symbolic removal of ego and the true prioritization of what matters in life.

For over 20 years, I have assisted fellow Light Workers to"Remember their Reason for Being"on the planet at this time.


I have the ability to work with Multi-Dimensional Energy, Sacred Geometry, Sound Harmonics, Light Language and more to assist you with your Spiritual Enlightenment.

Light as Information is streaming onto the planet from the higher realms/dimensions at an ever quickening pace. Key gateways and portals of Light are being opened to assist with the awakening of the planet and humanity. Are you receiving and integrating this Light? Can your body and energy circuits absorb and utilize this energy and information?

Spiritual awakening is a physical process. It is the act of becoming a “Being of Light.” It is literally being able to hold more Light as information in your physical form and translate the Light into information, wisdom, and knowledge. It is the process of becoming Enlightened.

My soul’s mission is to help others who have a deep KNOWING that they are here for a specific reason and to help them wake up, reconnect to their own spiritual essence and remember the truth of who they are.

Think of me like your

(aka your supercomputer repair specialist)


While you absolutely can do this without me - evolution is evolution - my work accelerates the process immensely.  

I enable you to integrate the energetic shifts quickly, easily and effectively, so that you can live a more balanced, empowered and connected life.

The Benefits of

Working With Me...



I accelerate your ability to integrate Higher Frequencies and come back into balance.

You’re a super computer of Light. As this computer gets cleared of the old files and junk, you’re able to more quickly clear out your divine vehicle and bring the clarity online when it comes to your unique Purpose.

Your path to awakening is both a physical and energetic process. As we evolve and embody more Light as information, knowledge and wisdom, your Super Computer (body and energetic systems) need to be functioning at the highest level.



As your body adapts, shifts and evolves, you might experience headaches, body aches and pains, emotional ups and downs and more. This is what we in the spiritual arena refer to as “ascension symptoms.”

Or maybe you’re feeling lost, disconnected, wandering in search of your spiritual reason for being on the planet at this time.

Ongoing energetic support is so valuable to help you feel expanded, own your own gifts, increase your confidence and be your authentic self.



Being the highly sensitive person that you are, you may want and desire a more intimate experience, which connects you to higher dimensional frequencies and wisdoms.

I’ll help you get and stay connected to your own guidance in an intimate and visceral way so you can adapt to the ever changing frequencies more quickly and return to a state of balance and harmony.

You will find that you may start feeling better physically, release pain and have more energy.



Life can get busy in our fast paced reality.  We all want the best results with the least amount of time and effort invested.

The way I facilitate my programs, I work directly with your Higher Self, your body consciousness and the current spiritual and cosmic energies in a way that allows you to receive all the benefits of the "rewiring and upgrades" while relaxing and simply listening to the activations.



Traversing this maze of Spiritual exploration can be trying at times.  Having a community of like minded people you can relate to is essential.

This gives you the freedom to share your "unusual experiences" in a safe and supportive environment.  It's nice to have a sounding board and friends to share with... because we've all felt a little crazy now and then, right?

I work on the cellular level of your body, where all the memories and energetics are held. This accelerates the process of reconnecting to your original blueprint to remember who you are as a Multidimensional Being of Light.

This helps you to deepen your connection to your Higher Self and live from a much more heart-centered space of balance, truth and harmony.

In other words, this work goes deep, clearing old patterns and emotions on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

In addition, I’ll help your body upgrade, opening new pathways of Light, bringing in new functionality and understanding, which illuminates your mind, body and spirit.

Doesn't this sound like exactly the support YOUR body and soul could use

right about now?



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If you choose the Supernova membership level, you'll get to participate in a small group call with me each month (January - October).  I'm so looking forward to the intimate setting to work together!

During this call, we will do HIGH LEVEL SPIRITUAL ENERGY WORK for humanity and the world. Of course, this will also be a great time to get to know other like-minded Light Workers and Spiritual Seekers!

The Light Portal Is NOT For You If...

  • You expect one activation to fix everything “wrong” with you
  • You're looking for someone or something to “save you”
  • You’re not willing to do the work
  • You’re only interested in your own growth

The Light Portal Is For You If...

  • You want to evolve with more ease and grace
  • You want to feel supported
  • You want to be a part of something bigger / a global community
  • You’re dedicated to your evolution
  • You want to be on the Cutting Edge of Consciousness as a forerunner and agent for positive change

Let me shed some Light


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My Personal Message to the

Light Within You

It never ceases to amaze me, the journey of awakening we are on. I always felt I was here to assist and work with others who KNEW in the depths of their soul, there was much more going on than what meets the eye.
Yet, I never understood my deep dedication and passion would lead to a business serving thousands around the globe. How does the saying go… “I plan and God laughs.” Source definitely had other plans! I’m living proof that when Spirit /Source /The Infinite has a purpose in mind for you, it’s going to find a way to shine through.
For 20+ years, I have walked between worlds. I have a BS in business and worked for Fortune 100 companies prior to starting my own business. During those years, I was having multi-dimensional experiences and awakenings that shook the very fabric of my being. I wondered if I was crazy, but deep down, I sensed that my multi-dimensional experiences were every bit as real as my experiences in 3D reality.
I’m honored that my purpose is to support you. I know that we are all connected to a greater mission to raise consciousness on this planet... and if you’re here, still reading, I’m sure that you’re a crucial piece of this puzzle.
With Light Love and Laughter,


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