You Are a Quantum Supercomputer...

Our body is truly a Quantum Supercomputer that was originally designed to function as a 'motherboard' with the potential to access all levels of consciousness.   But as we all know, we are not operating with the original blueprint or capacity of this beautiful bio-chemical, bio-electrical, bio-magnetic container for our soul.

2020 marked the beginning of the "next stage of evolution" as we began to unravel, at the quantum level, thousands of years of distortion which profoundly diminished our ability to operate at higher levels of consciousness.   The world is already experiencing the beginning stages of this quantum level work, as Lightworkers around the globe feel a heightened inner calling to step more fully into their roles as agents of positive change.

However, many feel that inner calling but don't know what "it" is.  Many question their roles, their impact, there reason for continuing on the "spiritual path" with frustration at not being able to "connect" with what they KNOW in their hearts is true... their higher self and mission.

As I have said time and time again, anyone who is magnetized to my work is part of a soul group of highly skilled Multidimensional Beings of Light who are here at this time in cosmic history to shift the consciousness of humanity.  But the magnitude of that statement continues to expand as we raise our frequency and unlock our true potential and missions.

It is a sign of immense dedication to continue on this path with only an inclining in your heart that something much bigger is happening than what "meets the eye" at this level of consciousness.

Yet, you KNOW, the alternative is not an option.  If you are still reading this, you are here for a HUGE mission and purpose that goes way beyond your individual awakening.  You are part of a team of highly skilled and advanced Beings who are here to correct all of the distortions which have happened since "the fall" and even before...

What distortions you ask....



A Brief Cosmic History Lesson...

This universe was created to experience separation and duality.  There are innumerable galaxies, systems, planets and species throughout this universe existing within multiple dimensions and countless body types.

Thousands of years ago, the creators of this universe decided to take the experience/experiment further and made a plan to take a "deep dive" in this region of the universe.  As a collective group of very advanced Beings of Light, a plan was made and a course was set to alter or distort the magnetics and consciousness of this region of the universe.

To make sure a unprecedented level of separation was achieved, almost everything was altered from the natural flow of Source energy.

What followed was an intense separation that led to extreme disconnection from Source and our souls.  Remember, this was a conscious choice to experience the objective of this universe.

Thousands of specialist from this universe and the multiverse came together to alter all levels of creation within this "deep dive experiment" including cosmic geneticists, architects, scientists, etc., etc., etc. to create the "playing field" for a deeper level of experience.  That was thousands and thousands of years ago...

This created the discord that enabled this extreme experience.  All the things that "spiritual seekers" want to ignore like the galactic wars, the DNA manipulation, the dark agendas are actually all real within this "holographic" experience.  It's what is referred to as the Quantum Dark.


Here is the really interesting thing... as these Quantum Dark experiences were created, the Highest Levels of Light Beings agreed to embody as the Highest Level dark.  We sent aspects of our soul in to "play these roles" as we would never have given such distorted power to less advanced souls.

We also put in "fail safes" to unravel and take apart this distorted experience when it was time to "wrap up" this experience.




Each of us have thousands of aspects throughout the universe, playing in many dimensions and bodies.  Everything is happening in the Quantum NOW moment.  There is no such thing as "time", as this is part of the distortion we created.  However, in this level of creation and dimensional consciousness, we continue to operate within the distortion of time and space.  But we ARE multidimensional and have simultaneous lifestreams happening on all levels of creation/dimension.

As aspects of us are still experiencing other dimensions within the Quantum Dark, this singular expression of our Unique Divine Signature Frequency, the one reading these words, (i.e. soul signature) is here to bring all of this back into alignment with Source energy.  Whew... no small task!

In February of 2020, we began the next level of unwriting, collapsing, closing down and repairing all the distortions "we" created.  We specifically put safety measures in to ensure our ability to succeed.

This is why many of you still only have a "deep knowing" of what is transpiring, rather than multidimensional sight or hearing.  If we truly could "see and hear" the dark quantum, many would have not survived or had mental breakdowns, etc.

We are systematically unlocking our Divine Vehicle as the frequency of the "collective", i.e. humanity and Gaia herself reaches certain levels of remembrance.

We are truly ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS... and are here to bring everything back into alignment, back into the original Divine Blueprint.  But there is definitely a balance and timing that is necessary to walk both worlds.

One of my specialties is to repair the human body to access higher levels of your own cosmic awareness and wisdom.  This series is the next level of Lightbody activation and repair to connect you to higher states of consciousness.  Thank you for being here in the critical time in cosmic history.

We ARE truly the specialist, the advanced Beings of Light and the "team" that is here to correct the distortions and bring the world, this system and subsequently the universe back into full alignment with Source.  Earth is ground zero for ascending the entire universe.  I'm so glad you're here!

What will I receive

From This Series?


The intention of this series is to assist you with unlocking the next level of your DNA, clearing and repairing your energy bodies, igniting the next function of your Divine blueprint and Activating Your High Heart Central Processing Unit. 

The High Heart CPU works to completely change the way you run and interpret Light information.  This has a huge potential to change your experience and consciously connect to expanded state of consciousness.

During this activation series, you will redirect how your body runs Light.  This moves you further out of the distorted “program and the collective matrix” and establish a new way of processing Light with the core functionality fueled and powered by the Heart.  The heart is the Zero Point access to Source energy allowing an infinitely expansive field of life force energy to flow into our personal energy matrix.

We are all at different levels of Light Quotient, frequency, emotional intelligence, physical health and well-being which determines our individual experience.  However, as the shifts and changes truly take hold, you will begin to experience much more connection to your cosmic self and wisdom.

Here are some things you may experience...

Activating Your High Heart CPU

  • The Capacity to Stay Grounded and Neutral within the Chaos
  • Feel Directly Connected to Source Energy... Experience more Direct Guidance
  • Increased Self Love and Awareness... Feel more Joy and Lightness of Being
  • Deeper Connection to Your Higher Self... stronger knowing of truth verses illusion playing out in the world
  • Break free of Mass Consciousness... Staying Focused on What We ARE Creating
  • And more...

I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

Science has embraced Epigenetics, the knowledge introduced by Dr. Bruce Lipton, which employs the power of your mind, thoughts, frequency and level of consciousness to heal your body, mind and spirit.

As we raise the frequency which flows through our energetic centers and matrix, fundamental and spontaneous healing and shifts in awareness can occur.

Evolving Is Our Mission...

Do It With Ease and Grace...


Some of the upgrades coming with this series...

  • Integrating Aspects of Your Soul from the Dark Quantum - Upshifting into Light
  • Purifying Your Bottom 3 Chakras to Bring Into a Unified Central Flow
  • Activating a NEW High Heart Central Processing Unit Into Crystalline/Lotus Heart Levels
  • Activating the Next Level of Your Ascension Chakra / Master Switch
  • Bringing the Major 7 Chakras into a Central Unified Flow of Light
  • And more...

What Clients

Are Saying...


The Most Powerful Series You've Brought Throught To Date!

You constantly deliver the highest level upgrades and activations, and the LightBody 3.0 series is truly exceptional.  The clarity, connection, expansion I feel is real and tangible in every part of my life.

Thank you for all you do.

Karen S., USA

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!  I felt like I was in a funk for the first 8 months in 2019 while going through clearings.  Your Lightbody 3.0 took me out of that reality into a whole better reality.  I truly felt the upgrade and got my truth bumps back as well as tingles from my crown chakra. I'm having some moments and days where I do feel hopeful, happy or joy as oppose to not feelings these positive emotions for most of 2019.

Susie T., USA

Your Wisdom and Integrity Are Unmatched

Each level of your work continues to bring in new and powerful upgrades.  I'm so grateful I have found you to assist me with all that is going on.  It seems like a crazy and wild ride, but your work grounds this so called ascension process and makes it so much easier to handle.  My gifts have continued to evolve and my awareness of who I am and what I'm here to do increases every time I do your work.  Thank you for doing what you do so masterfully.

Mary T., USA

I feel more centered, grounded and connected to Source every day! Life Just Flows!

"Words can not express the shifts and changes I've experienced since I started doing your work on a consistant basis.  Each  new activation or series continues to be better the the last.  Thank you for facilitating such a high level of Integrity, Light and Love."

Linda C., USA

Thank you for seeing me! The love you bring engulfs and sets me free!

"I want to share with you an experience I had... I was in process, dropping down to my heart ~  when a vision came. You and I were facing each other, arms intertwined twirling around floating in space. I was looking into your blue luminous eyes which were communicating trust and surrender. I knew you were asking me to drown with you in the water beneath us. Without hesitation, feeling completely safe with you, I took some gasping breaths and down we went. I could breathe underwater! We danced round and round in joy, in the light of love."

Adair P., USA

How Will This Series Work?

An Immersion of Multidimensional Light


Each day you will receive the activation via email, to listen at your leisure.  You can listen once, or as many times as you desire.  Having an open heart and willingness to shift is all that is needed.  Journaling and a healthy lifestyle are highly encouraged to enhance the work.

This energy immersion will provide a beautiful forum for deep physical and personal transformation.  It's exciting to see where this level of Multidimensional Upgrades will take you!


5 Days of



5 MP3 Activation with embedded Light Language


2 written Light Language messages to enhance integration


Daily Energetic Support


And more...

All of these elements will activate a different level of your mind, body and soul to maximize your embodiment of the upgrades.

Each night during your dream state you (your Higher Self) will be invited to experience the healing and integration of the upgraded Light frequency into your bodies and Matrix of Light.  

Many of you may experience me showing up in your dreams and meditations and perhaps even physically manifesting.

The activations will have gentle Light Language infused into the music, allowing you to go deep within the transformation process and...

deepen the level of integration.

working with the activations...


The MP3's will be approximately 15 minutes to make it easier to fit into your schedule. To accelerate the integration, I recommend listening right before you go to sleep, unless you find the work to energizing...then follow your own heart and rhythm.  The energy will continue to work through the night.

I will also encourage you to journal during this immersion, although it's not required.  This will be to help bring unconscious energy into your awareness AND also for tapping into your innate wisdom.

It is HIGHLY recommended to maintain a clean and healthy diet during this series, including refraining from alcohol. Your body is your vehicle for anchoring this next level of Lightbody.

Your investment Join Now!


Nebula and Supernova Level Light Portal members, this series is included!

Series Non-Member Pricing

  • Upgrade With Ease
  • Listen to beautiful music and drift off to dreamtime
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion
  • Have ample time to integrate so your body feels fabulous

Star Light Portal Members

  • Upgrade With Ease
  • Listen to beautiful music and drift off to dreamtime
  • Have ample time to integrate so your body feels fabulous
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion

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