New Year's Day

Divine Design for 2023

FREE Activation

Divine Design for 2023

FREE Live Activation - Sunday January 1

1 Hour @ 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm London

2023 Brings...

Clarity, Connection & Collaboration

New Year's Day is the perfect time to

Set the Energy for our Next Trip Around the Sun!

We are beginning the next phase of the ascension.  Each of us are vital in this collective ascension. 2023 will bring massive shifts in our personal consciousness, as well as more coming to Light on the world stage.  The focus will continue to be Personal Hiero Gamos or Divine Union Within and anchoring the new Triwave Magnetic Platform, which is the template for Unity Consciousness.

Let's come together energetically to enter 2023 with pure intention and a...

Blast of Cosmic Love!
A Group Activation to Align with 2023's Divine Design
  • Full of High Frequency Energy
  • Quantum Lightbody Upgrades
  • Connecting Energetically to Soul Family Around the Globe
  • Opening to Deeper Connection with Source and Others on Mission
  • And more...  To Step In 2023 with a Burst of Cosmic Love


I'm A Specialist

I'm known across the Multi-universe as an Ascension Specialist and Architect of Living Conscious Form.  As a Quantum Alchemist, I facilitate the Embodiment of Advanced Ascension and Lightbody technologies to re-active the Angelic-Human Christos-Sophia Blueprint for humanity.

A Catalyst for Expanding Consciousness and an Accelerator for Personal Transformation, I'm passionate about helping you connect to your Higher Self and wisdom.  You are here to assist with the Shift in Consciousness.  My work fast-tracks your awakening.


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