New Year's Day


Bridge To Our Organic Authentic Self

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Monday January 1

1 Hour @ 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm London

New Year's Day is perfect to

Set the Energy for our Next Trip Around the Sun!

Each of us are ESSENTIAL in this COLLECTIVE ASCENSION, anchoring the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness. This year will bring continuous opportunities to wake up and remember our Organic Sovereign Self and our role as individual and collective wayshowers.

As we do, our ability to anchor and embody our own higher consciousness and Light will go beyond anything we have experienced since before 'the fall' of humanity.

The shifts and changes within our physicality, along with the veils of illusion dropping with each shift in frequency we anchor, 2024 is destined to be a breakthrough year for many.

2024 brings the Next Phase of Awakening into Our Organic, Authentic Quantum Selves

Are You Ready For More...

Expansion, Inner Sovereignty, Embodiment

We are the bridge into

higher states of consciousness

Many are waking up across the globe.  Waking up to the inauthentic, disconnected and exhausted way they are living their lives.  Waking up from the fear driven scenarios of mass media, governments, big pharma, etc., and are ready to see beyond the illusion of separation and disempowerment.

So much will continue to 'Come to Light' on the world stage, providing opportunity after opportunity for humanity to choose... Are they on the ascending or descending path.  The split between the two realities will become bigger and bigger.

This is where the embodiment of our Authentic Self becomes the living bridge for humanity.  As we 'walk our talk' and live our lives within the new paradigm, those who are seeking higher truth will magnetize to our Light.

Ascension and Embodiment require a Wholistic approach.  It's not just about doing one or two things, like meditating or getting reiki session.  It's a total and complete unraveling from the old ways of BEing; belief systems, ego structures, body functionality and more.  In addition, it requires the building of your Lightbody, reactivating the multidimensional functionality of your body and stepping into a whole new experience of perceiving reality!

It is a TOTAL Mind, Body and Soul evolution.
This is the only way to truly become your Authentic Quantum Self.

Let's come together and enter 2024

with pure intention to...

Anchor Our True Essence & Bridge Into Higher States of Consciousness

A Group Activation...

  • Full of High Frequency Energy
  • Quantum Lightbody Upgrades
  • Connecting Energetically to Soul Family Around the Globe
  • Opening A Deeper Connection with Our Authentic Quantum Self
  • And more...  


I'm A Specialist

I'm known across the Multi-universe as an Ascension Specialist and Architect of Living Conscious Form.  As a Quantum Alchemist, I facilitate the Embodiment of Advanced Ascension and Lightbody technologies to re-active the Angelic-Human Christos-Sophia Blueprint for humanity.

A Catalyst for Expanding Consciousness and an Accelerator for Personal Transformation, I'm passionate about helping you connect to your Higher Self and wisdom.  You are here to assist with the Shift in Consciousness.  My work fast-tracks your awakening.


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