Winter Solstice and Jupiter Saturn Conjuction

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December 21st, 2020

The magnitude of this cosmic event, from the quantum level, is unprecedented as we continue with a jam packed final month of 2020.

We are in the final stages of a 8 year cycle, since the end of the mayan calendar in 2012 and in the midst of a 800+ year cycle since this planetary alignment has happened.

What is transpiring on the energetic levels is impacting us from the solar system level, all the way down into the human cellular level. As these planetary bodies align with Galactic Core, it is allowing for massive levels of the distorted hologram to collapse, having a ripple effect throughout the fields of not only this system, but beyond.

We know our way of being human, the distortion of this reality, has to collapse/disintegrate so that we can come back into a higher union with our galactic, universal and source origins. This is my experience of Unity Consciousness. This is required so that we can create the new, what many refer to as 5D or New Earth. We simply cannot operate within the same structures and systems and expect a different result.

Within the quantum levels, everything is happening in the now moment... but unfortunately, it doesn't translate down here at this level of consciousness as happening simultaneously. Therefore, it is during/in the transition that surrender and trust are key.

We are moving into the next level or phase of our journey. As we continue to dismantle and unravel all of the distortion on this planet, we will have to surrender our old ways of being human.

This requires a level of trust and knowing for many that goes beyond what we have done before.

For many, this is one of the key skills we have been developing for years, perhaps our whole life. Trusting and knowing on such a deep profound level that "something beyond the confounds of this reality" is taking place. We've know it and felt it our entire lives, or at least most of it. This level of trust and surrender will be invaluable as we go further into the shift in consciousness.

The good news is the cosmic alignment during this solstice, will produce a quickening of sorts. Allowing a "speeding up" of the transition from the old into the new frequencies. We will be asked to walk between the worlds at an even more profound level.

We will be asked to surrender... regardless to what is playing out in the outer reality, so that we can BECOME and Embody who we truly are as Advanced Beings of Light.

This can be tricky, as the ego is still trying to control the situation for many. This is next level mastery we are being asked to embody.

The anchoring of the new earth, a higher level of consciousness is coming on the tail of the dismantling... you know that as you can already feel it, tap into it. It's getting exciting.

Remember, this is our specialty from our higher levels... it's just the human level that tends to forget or question our abilities.

I look forward to having you on the call, Monday, December 21 at 5pm Pacific.


I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

Science has embraced Epigenetics, the knowledge introduced by Dr. Bruce Lipton, which employs the power of your mind, thoughts, frequency and level of consciousness to heal your body, mind and spirit.

As we raise the frequency which flows through our energetic centers and matrix, fundamental and spontaneous healing and shifts in awareness can occur.

Feel the Energetic Support

What Clients

Are Saying...


The Most Powerful Series You've Brought Throught To Date!

You constantly deliver the highest level upgrades and activations, and the LightBody 3.0 series is truly exceptional.  The clarity, connection, expansion I feel is real and tangible in every part of my life.

Thank you for all you do.

Karen S., USA

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!

I just want to say your Next Generation Lightbody 3.0 was amazing!  I felt like I was in a funk for the first 8 months in 2019 while going through clearings.  Your Lightbody 3.0 took me out of that reality into a whole better reality.  I truly felt the upgrade and got my truth bumps back as well as tingles from my crown chakra. I'm having some moments and days where I do feel hopeful, happy or joy as oppose to not feelings these positive emotions for most of 2019.

Susie T., USA

Your Wisdom and Integrity Are Unmatched

Each level of your work continues to bring in new and powerful upgrades.  I'm so grateful I have found you to assist me with all that is going on.  It seems like a crazy and wild ride, but your work grounds this so called ascension process and makes it so much easier to handle.  My gifts have continued to evolve and my awareness of who I am and what I'm here to do increases every time I do your work.  Thank you for doing what you do so masterfully.

Mary T., USA

I feel more centered, grounded and connected to Source every day! Life Just Flows!

"Words can not express the shifts and changes I've experienced since I started doing your work on a consistant basis.  Each  new activation or series continues to be better the the last.  Thank you for facilitating such a high level of Integrity, Light and Love."

Linda C., USA

Thank you for seeing me! The love you bring engulfs and sets me free!

"I want to share with you an experience I had... I was in process, dropping down to my heart ~  when a vision came. You and I were facing each other, arms intertwined twirling around floating in space. I was looking into your blue luminous eyes which were communicating trust and surrender. I knew you were asking me to drown with you in the water beneath us. Without hesitation, feeling completely safe with you, I took some gasping breaths and down we went. I could breathe underwater! We danced round and round in joy, in the light of love."

Adair P., USA

Evolving Is Our Birthright

Do It With Ease and Grace...


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