What Clients Are Saying About Working With Raquel:

Thank you so much.  You really are amazing, and I feel different, especially my head.  My heart felt so full of love and gratitude for you right after the session-this huge physical sensation, so I hope some of it got sent to you.

As I have shared with you, I studied a bunch of different religions (and I mean studied for years, not just took a weekend workshop), and I feel like what you do is accelerate the spiritual growth process exponentially. 

I also appreciate it SO MUCH that you are all about the divine without all of the trappings of other spiritual traditions-the i'm right, this is the best way, this is the only way to reach enlightenment, or the need to make sense and peace of how a tradition views the divine feminine etc etc. 

I say this with love and gratitude for all of the traditions I have been a part of, but I always wanted all of the religions to be together and not feel watered down, or be Christianity pretending to pull in other things, or have only male leaders with a mostly female group.  I also feel that the work you do is very harmonious with the other things I do, such as psychotherapy, flower essences, chi gung, yoga etc. without having to feel like it's better or the only thing to do. 

Just saying these things because I have been thinking about them, and feeling grateful.

Much love and light to  you, and I am so excited that you are coming to Austin!!!

Eileen P.
Eileen P. USA

Raquel's work has impacted my life in so many ways.  The deep shifts and changes I've experienced were profound, unexpected and achieved so easily.

I can recommend her work whole heartedly.  If you want to shift deep core issues and are ready to step into living an authentic life, her work is essential.

Lynn O.
Lynn O. USA

After doing a 1:1 session with Raquel, I surprised my close friends with specific examples of dramatic shifts in my outer life and inner experience. The changes that happened outwardly seemed impossible to resolve before the session.

The results of the shifts in my inner state and outer life were so obvious, that half a dozen of my friends decided to work with Raquel. She is gifted with a healing ability that is unique, gets to the core issues and clears the path for for an upshift in your entire energy field. 

As a healer, I thought I had seen and experienced the best and most profound healers available, but I can now say that Raquel’s work transforms and heals from a level that is unique and brings in the highest frequencies imaginable.

Working with her 1:1, in just 1 session, a long-term family situation that felt like it would last forever, resolved itself overnight and my energy upshifted permanently. I’ve never seen such fast and lasting changes through a healing session.

Lee Kemper
Lee Kemper USA

I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has exhilarated and I have been able to clear away all that I no longer need and also my old beliefs and patterns.

My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing the transmissions of light.

I am very grateful that I found you and I get exactly what my growth needs when I need it.I look forward to every single one and am excited for my amazing growth that has happened along with them. 

Sharon R.
Sharon R. USA

I first heard about the light worker Raquel from a dear friend, while in New Zealand on a spiritual retreat. She was describing this powerhouse of a healer and how she is able to read your energy like a rolodex, able to pull out any stuck discordant energy and bring you back into alignment.

My thoughts were " wow I need to book a session as soon as I get home".  As the Universe would have it, not only did I end up having some transformational healing sessions but I would later join Raquel on two spiritual journeys/sacred gatherings in Arizona and England.

That is when I realized that Raquel is much much more than a healer, she truly is a master. What I can say of the work is that it is life-changing.  What Raquel does is all encompassing.

She helps the planet and she helps you. Her intuition skills are spot on, in one particular session, Raquel saw that a baby girl energy was wanting to come through as my daughter, I told Raquel that I did not think that was possible because countless doctors and other clairvoyants had told me I would not be able to have children. 4 months later after my session with Raquel I was pregnant. I am now a mommy to a beautiful baby girl 🙂

Thank you Raquel for all that you do and all that you are. I am forever grateful.

Smaranda P.
Smaranda P. Romania

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