Unlocking Ancient Wisdom

Egyptian - Atlantean - Lemurian

5 Day Quantum Light Series

Returning to Zero Point

At the Quantum levels of creation, the morphogenic fields and crystal skull libraries of the Egyptian, Atlantean and Lemurian ancient civilizations are being cleared, brought back into Zero Point and back online at the original creator consciousness levels.

This provides the opportunity to clear and disconnect from the distortions still playing out and prepare for the TRUE ANCIENT WISDOM to anchor, which is destined to move us into higher states of consciousness within the Triwave magnetic platform.

Many have deep connections to lifetimes in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria.  These lifetimes hold special meaning and depth of initiations into the mysteries or sacred knowledge that was available.

As part of the ascension team and former initiates, teachers and practitioners, you are destined in this lifetime to clear the distortions and begin to access ...

 Pure Organic Wisdom and Knowledge from the Original Teachings at Universal levels.


This is KEY to Unlocking Abundance!

Abundance is our Birthright.  It is our natural state of Being.  This work will assist with unraveling the distortions that have interfered with our ability to create with the Organic Universal Life Force.  As we untangle from these old templates, strongholds and distortions, our innate wisdom and magic will be accessible, remembered and restored.


This is a time of celebration!



If you feel drawn to any of these past civilizations, chances are you were a high initiate, priest/priestess or wise elder/teacher of this sacred knowledge.


The Lure of Ancient Mysteries...

The lure of magic, hidden wisdom, ancient rituals and alchemy has always been at the heart of the ascension and spiritual communities.  It's so far removed from the 3D world we find ourselves in and it sparks memories of 'perceived' better times.

However, just like everything in this deep dive of separation, most of what was held as sacred and taught in the mystery schools was tampered with and distorted.  Even the purest of teachings reintroduced through Ascended Masters has been intentionally tainted.

Although there is always a thread of truth, the vast majority of what was taught has been deliberately distorted to keep consciousness locked down.  Even the highest initiates were schooled with false information, rituals and alchemy.

Within today's spiritual community, many are still teaching, practicing and utilizing mystery school teachings in their work.  Most have no idea that the information and energies are distorted.  It's just what they have always known (and remembered).  There is no blame, no shame, no judgement... one simply does not know until they know.

Illustration of the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol
golden trident of Poseidon isolated on white background

This is truly a time to celebrate!!!  We are ready to purge and unravel from the distortions, rituals, black & white magic, false alchemy, chants, spells, etc. which have been taught and practiced within the mystery schools.

Even before these civilizations came into being, the magnetic fields of this planet had already been corrupted.  The fall from 5D Tara into 3D Earth further exasperated the distortions of the ancient wisdom teachings and then were deliberately tainted even more to keep humanity disconnected from Organic Source energy.  Although very powerful, the teachings were ultimately used to maintain control and syphon life force, rather than enhance it.

The good news is.... this is coming to an end in this ascension cycle!  For decades, we (the embodied ascension team) have been working to clear and repair so much of the damage done during this deep dive into separation.  It's a long sorted history, but we are the experts back on the planet to clear the distortions and be the way-showers in this grand ascension.  This series is a crucial level of preparation to begin accessing Pure Wisdom via the Triwave platform of Light.

It's really exciting we are at a point in the ascension process for the Original Wisdom and Technologies to come back online!


This works directly with unlocking the planet and humanity to
Return to Our Natural State of Sovereignty and Abundance!

What Clients

Are Saying...

I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear old beliefs and patterns. 

"My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing your transmissions of Light/work.

I am very grateful that I found you.  Your work brings exactly what I need for my growth, right when I need it.  I look forward to every single transmission and series and I am grateful for the amazing growth I have experienced along the way.

Thank you, you are amazing !!!!!"

Sharon R. USA

Oh my goodness, Raquel, I have been honored to work with you.

"But have NEVER felt the intensity of any work as I did today! I am blessed by your

gift to us. Thank you!"

Katherine N., USA

Thank You so much for the experience. I have noticed an abundant amount of change in my life since Beyond the Matrix.

"I have been much more positive since the event. I've had physical energy that I didn't think was possible recently.

I look forward to delving further into you Light work"

Amanda D, USA

I have felt “happier", more cheerful and inwardly a sense of joy and calm.

"Just wanting to say “thank you” for wonderful workshop,  In short, I was tired yet “elevated with the energy/experience."

Veronica T, USA

This 5 Day Series Will Include...


Remember, we are here as way-showers!  The work we do is a high level of service for humanity and beyond.

As you read the information below, allow yourself to feel into the truth that has been wiped from the collective memory.  There are many other civilizations which need to be cleared, but these are the most prominent.

Please remember the deep dive into separation was planned.  We all agreed to participate so that we could experience separation to the extreme.  Most of us played roles in both the Light and the Dark.  That is why we have the ability to unravel so much for ourselves and humanity.

The purification of our own Divine Vehicle and morphogenic fields is essential for moving into higher states of consciousness, abundance and sovereignty.

So if you are ready to purge the misinformation and energies from these mysteries schools, and prepare to anchor and embody higher wisdoms and truth as they become available... join me!

We Are Here To Anchor Extraordinary Levels Of Wisdom, Sovereignty, Abudance And Love!

Illustration of the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol

Clearing Egyptian Distortions

The distortion of Egypt goes back to the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion approximately 10,000 years ago. During this time our human DNA was unplugged, the Fire Letters were scrambled along with the geometric codes in the planetary morphogenic fields, which blocked and locked down our connection to higher levels of consciousness.

The original 12-based Tree of Life was hacked and the fallen 10-based Tree of Life was inserted. The planetary stargates were taken over, which blocked organic life force energy and the natural flow of kundalini. This further blocked all the endocrine systems (the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, etc.), severely shortening the human life span and damaging our natural immunity, creating diseases and other mutations. Inverted AI and blackhole technologies, curses, black magic, and more were also used to take over all financial systems, governments, religions, etc. to keep us disempowered.

The fascination of Egypt and its connection to these teachings are actually counter-productive and can be damaging in our quest for higher consciousness. Since Egypt was one of our more recent histories, it was a perfect way to ensnare light workers back into distorted practices, rituals and energies. The sexual energy was particularly potent and distorted, which played directly into the collective psyche. But it is finally time for all these distortions to be removed.


Clearing Atlantian Distortions

The trauma of Atlantis is a collective wound, as well as a personal one. The flood is etched upon the psyche of humanity and has been included in every major religion across the globe.  But the flood is just one minor trauma from Atlantis. There have been three Atlantean cataclysms over the last 30,000 years doing significant damage to the crystal caverns, the morphogenic fields, planetary stargates, pyramid grids, the natural axis tilt of the planet and so much more.  Let alone the damage that was done to the DNA and wiping of our galactic memories. In addition, the insertion of the reversed Metatronic fields, AI mind control and more was done to disconnect us from our true origins.

Although the flood is a collective memory, much has been orchestrated to fantasize Atlantis and wipe out our true history. It's time to clear this personal and collective trauma and distortion, to prepare the way for the Original Higher Teachings to return.

golden trident of Poseidon isolated on white background

Clearing Lemurian Distortions

Lemuria also has a very hidden history that was wiped from the collective consciousness. One such event was the Lemurian Holocaust which happened approximately 55,000 years ago. This was a deliberate attempt to overtake the Divine Feminine and the crystalline network of the Mother Sophia template and planetary leylines. The history of Lemuria is long, taking us back to the time of Mu and 5D Tara before the fall into 3D. The Lemurians had a direct connection to higher states of consciousness and connection with Mother Earth as stewards of her energy and wisdom. However, this too was lost and corrupted during the deep dive into separation.

The draw many feel to the pacific islands and the oceans stem back to our times as guardians of the earth from Mu incarnations. Our deep connection to the Mother Principle, the cosmos and the feminine continues to call us back home into our higher galactic and universal lineages. It was during the time of Mu that we first descended into physicality from our light-bodies.


Clearing Crystal Skull Distortions

The original 13 Crystal Skulls from Atlantis, which hold vast libraries of information and consciousness, are beginning to come back online. This is a profound indicator of just how far we have come within the ascension process.

Everything within this universe has a crystal skull library. It is the original format to hold/store consciousness with the vast majority only existing within the etheric or higher vibrational states.

Many of the well-known physical crystal skulls such as Max, Sha Na Ra, Rainbow, Synergy, and Einstein have been touring the world with their custodians. In addition, many have been "made" and sold within the metaphysical communities. The awareness of the crystal skulls even hit mainstream media with Indiana Jones, as well as being displayed in places such as the British museum.

We will be clearing false distorted overlays, templates, memories, and more from both the physical and etheric crystal skulls we have come into contact with throughout our vast histories. In doing so, this will prepare us to receive the galactic and universal wisdom beginning to come online in the original pristine frequencies of Light.

A delicate crystal skull illuminated in seven colors on a dark background. 3d illustration.

Reset of Your Morphogentic Blueprint

The clearings in the series will create space for higher levels of Light architecture and frequencies to anchor within your Divine Vehicle of Light.

This reset will provide much-needed support and upgrades to your Lightbody, Dark Matter Template (where the source particle atoms and molecules are built, generating layers of eternal light), Krystallah Sophia templates, your physical body and more.

The ability to reconnect with the cleared stargates, leylines, dragon lines and the crystal network within the planet will also be expanded.

Finally, higher frequencies of joy, enthusiasm, bliss, happiness, abundance and love will be infused into your fields, as you reconnect with higher aspects of your creator levels.



How this series works


We are being asked to surrender even more, as we go through another level of dissociation or detachment from the distorted programs of the ancient mystery schools. A deeper purging of identity or the ego self is coming to allow your True Essence to embody. In addition, your Krystallah Lightbody will activate to the next level of functionality. 

The more we can unravel, the more we can embody the truth of who we are as Divine Angelic Humans.  

During this series I will be working with your Higher Self, the Architects of the Divine Vehicle and the Original Creator Dragons to:


  • Hold the space for a release of the false identity, memories, entanglements, vows, curses and trauma you have incurred
  • Clear and integrate aspects of you that are ready to come back into zero point/wholeness from these lifestreams
  • Clear and prepare your body to enable a faster reassembly of the 12 strand Angelic Human Krystos DNA as it becomes available
  • Clear and purify your body to bring your organs, glands and cellular structure into the next level of multidimensionality


You will receive daily emails with the activation and information/guidance.  Each activation will be approximately 15-20 minutes with music designed to put you into a state of relaxation, so please do not listen while driving. Journaling may be extremely beneficial to help process the emotions around releasing the ego structures.

And doing most of it during the dream state, to keep the ego at bay for maximum benefit.

5 Days of Upgrades!


5 Quantum Activations via Mp3 each around 15-20 minutes


Journal prompts to assist with the emotional processing


Energetic Support for Your Body Clearing


And more...


I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the multi-universe as a Quantum Energy and Cellular Light Specialist.  One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve back into the Angelic Human Blueprint.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering and ascension.

I work on the Quantum / Multidimensional level of reality, to repair the distortions within this physical experience and build the Light Architecture for the ascension of the multiverse.

It's time to empower more and more Starseeds and Lightworkers to unlock their gifts and memories to accelerate the shift of consciousness. 

Non-Member Pricing

  • Be held within an energetic support/container for deep integration
  • Listen to beautiful music and drift off to dreamtime
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion

Light Portal Members - Star Level

  • Upgrade With Ease
  • Be held within an energetic support/container for deep integration
  • Simple & Easy to get maximum benefits for your expansion

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