Experience A Multidimensional

Energy Upgrade


Raquel brings through advanced energetic activations which empower YOU to Live
a more Spiritually Connected Life, bringing you to the Cutting Edge of Consciousness.

Infuse Your Body With Light - FREE Activations


This series is designed to give you a quick and easy "entry" point to experience the energy I bring forth.  A sample, if you will, to give you a gentle taste of the frequency...

These activations work to assist you with upshifting your own personal harmonics - soul tones - to resonate and operate at a new frequencies.  This brings in a new level of energy and Light to help you connect with higher wisdom and live a more connected and quantum life.

The series includes the frequencies of:

Generosity  |  Wisdom  |   Freedom  |   Ingenuity  |  Exuberance  |  Balance  |  Compassion

We begin with upshifting the frequency of generosity.  Feel the energy move through you, uplifting you into new states of happiness and well-being!

Each day, for the next 6 days, you will receive an email with the next activation (approximately 5-7 minutes in length)  Day 1 is the longest MP3 at 11 minutes to get you started.

Watch your inbox and ENJOY infusing these beautiful frequencies into your own personal matrix of Light!

From my heart to yours!


Please drop down into your heart prior to listening.  Set your intention to receive all that is available to you.

Day 1 - 11:20

Spiritual Awakening is an Inside Job!


It comes from a deep internal knowing there is so much more that is going on that most people can perceive.  The process of awakening illuminates your heart and brings you into a place of connection to your own personal wisdom, higher streams of conscious awareness and source energy.

Keeping your personal matrix of Light at the highest frequency is always the goal! When your physical AND energetic body is operating at the highest level possible, you are able to interpret Light as information, knowledge and wisdom.

My works helps you upgrade your own "personal super computer" to function as it was originally intended to move you into multi-dimensional awareness and truth.

I offer several different ways to engage in my work.  Everything from 2 Live monthly activations to 6 month deep dive series, sacred journey's and many options in-between.

I hope you will take time to explore my website and join me on this amazing journey of Awakening to the truth that you ARE a Multidimensional Master of Light!