Transformation Leader

Quantum Light Architect
& Lightbody Specialist

Learn How Raquel Can Get YOU More Connected To Your Higher Self and Wisdom

Guiding You...

Out of the Polarity Matrix & Into Unity Consciousness!


Catalyst for Expanding Consciousness. Accelerator for Personal Transformation. She’s passionate about assisting you to connect to your Higher Self and wisdom so you can be empowered to live the life you were born to live.

My Awakening...

My journey began over 35 years ago, when I went into a 5 week unexplained coma. When I woke up, everything was the same, yet everything was different. Later I would come to understand what had transpired during those 5 weeks, but for years I felt lost, alone, longing for connection and trying to understand why I felt so different.

For 20 years I walked between the worlds. I obtained my BS degree in business and worked in the corporate world for fortune 100 companies, all the while having multi-dimensional experiences and awakenings that shook the very fabric of my reality.

I tried to act like my life was normal. I often even wondered if I was crazy, at the same time knowing in the depths of my being that my multi-dimensional experiences were every bit as real as my 3D reality.

During the coma, my body went through a complete re-wiring and upgrade. The shifts and changes which took place allowed me to make a strong connection with my Higher Self, my skills and my memory. I am able to access skills and wisdom from lifetimes in many star systems, galaxies and universes throughout this multiverse and beyond.

In the higher realms, I’m referred to as a Quantum Light Architect and Ascension Light Body Specialist. As part of the Christos/Sophia tribe and an original Creator Dragon of this particular universe and more, I embody the templates of the Original 12/24/48/96 DNA Angelic Human blueprint and beyond.

This gives me the ability to shift energy systems quickly and efficiently, accelerating the process of quantum awakening and the ascension process.

What drives and inspires me

You ask?

To help those who have a deep KNOWING they're here to do something bigger, but can't make the connection to what that maybe.  Unfortunately, for many there is a disconnect that has happened between your physical experience and your multi-dimensional self. This is caused by a multitude of reasons including emotions, societal influences, social conditioning, physical trauma and more.

But here is the good work can help repair the disconnect.  It is time to break through the distortions of the polarity matrix and connect with what you're here to do.  As an ascension specialist...


I'm here to help you...

  • Unravel from the Matrix of Polarity and Separation
  • Awaken to your Quantum / Creator Dragon awareness
  • Anchor Unity Consciousness for humanity

I help you get clear...

Your body and energetic systems are KEY to your awakening. In fact, your body is a quantum map loaded with keys, libraries, templates and so much more. 

However, most do not know how to access or 'read' your quantum map.  Activating your Lightbody allows all the beautiful treasures you came in with to be accessed. 

I've often used the analogy of a computer system that is out of date and trying to run the latest software programs, which we all know rarely works!   Your body, both the physical and energetic levels, are often out of date and unable to connect to your soul’s wisdom.  You are in a state of atrophy, trying to awaken with "literally" old programming..


My works reactivates those connections at the physical and quantum levels to assist you to:

Step Into Your Authentic Power
Unlock Your Memories & Unique Skills
Activate Your Quantum Light Architecture

So many ask...

How do you do what you do?


Everything I do is from direct memory or streams of consciousness. In 1990, 5 years after my coma (this is how long it took me to integrate what had transpired), I spent a weekend with a woman named Tachi Ren, who activated my codes and memories. From that point on I’ve been able to work in this way. And my skills and access continue to evolve.

Working directly with Your Higher Self, I’m able to remove the patterns or templates of Light which hold deep traumas and wounds to clear your energy systems. I’m able to repair and activate your Lightbody and physical body, which opens deeper conscious awareness of higher streams of consciousness. I work at the Original particle levels of creation to activate your Angelic Human DNA infusing your cells with higher frequencies of Light and encodements and SO MUCH MORE.

My work is not a “repackaging” of someone else’s system or modality like Reiki, Access Consciousness, Soul Retrieval, Re-connective Therapy, etc. etc. etc. As a matter of fact, many have asked me to name and teach it, but unfortunately I can’t. You see, for each individual I work on, it is unique and is a collaboration of efforts to receive the desired result.   And it is continuously evolving.

Work With Me Privately & Fast-Track Your

Spiritual Awakening

If you’re ready for the fast track to clear, upgrade and get on with being your best authentic self, then private sessions may be just the ticket for you. Working one on one with Raquel can accelerate your transformation, healing and empowerment immensely. It allows for deep focused attention on your unique needs.

Go into your heart and see if this is the best route for you.

Many of my clients comment that what I do is unlike anything else they’ve tried or studied themselves. I love my work and every day I get emails from clients telling me what a difference I’ve made in their lives. This is the ultimate complement and fuels my desire to continue on this somewhat uncharted path.

What Clients

Are Saying...

I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear old beliefs and patterns. 

"My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing your transmissions of Light/work.  I am very grateful that I found you.  Your work brings exactly what I need for my growth, right when I need it.  I look forward to every single transmission and series and I am grateful for the amazing growth I have experienced along the way.

Thank you, you are amazing !!!!!"

Sharon R. USA

Oh my goodness, Raquel, I have been honored to work with you.

"But have NEVER felt the intensity of any work as I did today! I am blessed by your gift to us. Thank you!"

Katherine N., USA

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