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Cosmic Energy Update

Resetting the Energetic System

During the Equinox window, Light codes coming in from the Galactic core are available to provide a reset to our body and energetic systems, bringing us into a deeper state of connection and balance.

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Breaking Illusions

Our belief systems and what we once held as truth is disintegrating as we come off the super new moon of August. It’s part of what we are here to do, those of us who are on the path, forerunners in the shifting of humanity’s consciousness, to let go and break the old beliefs and…

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Bless the Memories

As we move and change timelines, our old memories are harder to pull up. Some of these more mundane experiences are fading into the background since they are not vibrating at a level that is part of your future. Your higher self is at the helm, and trust that it is discerning what is useful…

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Alignment Into Action

“The Lion’s Stargate on the 8-8 is a powerful portal of Light. It is the alignment of the star system Sirius to the grand pyramids of Giza, which has been celebrated for thousands of years. With this alignment comes expansion, awareness and forward movement and action. We are being asked to have the courage to…

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Setting the Trajectory

Our evolution is a continual process. The eclipse energy is pulling us to shift and change out of the status quo and into our ascension process. We are being asked to shift and work from higher perspectives and understandings. As we do so, as light workers, we set the trajectory for the rest of humanity…

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A New Way of BEing

Are you conscious throughout our entire day, aligning with your highest potential? We’re being pushed into a new way of BEing as we go through this eclipse. Pay attention to where your soul is trying to guide you into a New Way of Being. The key is to be an observer, watching what may have…

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