Do You Love Yourself?


Self Love.  It is something that most people gloss over in conversations or when speaking of them self. Of course everyone wants to believe they love them self, without reservation.  Why wouldn’t someone love them self?  It seems like such a simple thing, something that should be so natural, but is it?

We are in the month that has been dubbed “the month of love” with Valentine’s Day being center stage in the retail world, completely focused on buying gifts of admiration for the one you love. Although it is a cheesy and sometimes overwhelming onslaught of red and pink hearts and chocolate candy, the message is clear, you’re supposed to have romantic love in your life.

As someone on a spiritual path, I offer a gentle reminder that Self Love is essential for true happiness.
The Self Love I speak of is not selfishness or self centeredness, it is a deep love of self that encompasses all aspects of you.  Not just your outer beauty or inner beauty, but all levels of your personality, whether considered perfect by you in the now moment.

Knowing you are loved by Source and truly feeling it can at times be two different things.  I encourage you during this month of “LOVE” to focus on truly loving yourself.  Give yourself the admiration of your own love.  Give yourself the gift of true quality time with YOU. Have a deep and meaningful conversation with your body, acknowledging the magnificence of your Divine Vehicle.
Treat yourself like you ARE the “Love of your life.”
Be honest with yourself when resistance comes up. What don’t you currently love about yourself?  Bring that into your awareness and pull out your “tools” to help you move through the false illusion that you are anything but Spirit manifest into physical form in this reality.  You are Light.  Practice Self Love everyday and watch the people and world around you emanate love right back at you!
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